Manifest Destiny Update: Found – 2 online shopping options!

MainfestDestinyA Manifest Destiny Update: Found    2 online shopping options!photo: we heart this

No sooner had we posted our review of the stunning Manifest Destiny candle line, then the emails and comments began – many sounding like this, “I don’t live near any of the stores listed on Manifest Destiny’s site. Where can I buy the Manifest Destiny candles online?”

Believe me, we understand. From the sepia tinged vintage images on the packaging to the silver jar encircling the uniquely scented candles – everything is perfection. While we encourage you to get a gander at this gorgeously mysterious line in person if possible (they are available at a number of boutiques across the nation), we know not all of our readers have that option. But behold – a little bit of internet sleuthing and I’ve found two sources where you can purchase Manifest Destiny candles online!

GoldBug ManifestDestiny Manifest Destiny Update: Found    2 online shopping options!photo: Gold Bug

Gold Bug – located in Pasadena this store offers a unique collection of art, objects, and accessories with a sort of eerie, sort of beautiful, sort of dark Victorian vibe – just check out that display above! You’ll find all six Manifest Destiny candles available online (click the individual candle to find the “add to your cart” button) for $44 each.

Spitfire Girl – this Echo Park, CA boutique is filled with offbeat, often Western influenced items – jewelry, art, books, housewares and more. You can a find a great selection of their one of a kind goods online, including five of the Manifest Destiny candles for $42 each.

Happy Shopping!

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Written by Tyna Werner


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    Well done @tyna!!! You have made me a happy woman! Now I’m just trying to decide between Frolic and Memoir of a Sphinx…it doesn’t look like any of us tested the latter? Frolic sounds good for the upcoming spring weather, but Sphinx sounds awfully nice and I really like the picture – it would look good on my bathroom sink or vanity afterwards to, like you said, hold eyeliners!

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