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Win Murad’s Complete Reform & Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture – a $132 value

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Is your skin in danger of being a beauty school dropout? Are you guilty of ignoring (or over-treating) fine lines and wrinkles? Is your skin not as tight and “peppy” as it once was? Then it’s time to enroll at Murad’s Reform School for Aging Skin.

And one lucky wht reader will get a full scholarship by winning our latest giveaway – two of Murad’s A+ products, Complete Reform and Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture tucked into a vintage style lunchbox complete with thermos – a $132 prize!

The Reform School kit is an exclusive media promotional item and is not available for retail purchase. But both the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture and Complete Reform are sold separately and available at

Murad AgeReformB Murad Giveaway   Send skin to Reform School!

Murad (always over-achievers in chem class) has a new valedictorian with the just launched Complete Reform ($67). This daily treatment combines Beta-Carotene, Glycolic Acid and Glyco Firming Complex to offer multiple benefits for aging skin – increasing firmness, improving skin, protect valuable elastin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Even better, this breakthrough formula does it all without irritation.

Murad AgeReformC Murad Giveaway   Send skin to Reform School!

For skin that’s flunking out and drying up, Murad offers their most hydrating moisturizer ever, the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture ($65). This luscious formula includes avocado, sunflower and olive fruit oils to provide all day moisture, while a Collagen Support Complex helps to plump and firm skin. Amazingly, this super effective moisturizer (it kept my skin flake-free and dewy this winter) is also non-greasy! It leaves my combination skin soft and pampered without a hint of shine.

Ready to be a Reform School Girl? Entering is easy and as always, we’re giving you three chances to win! Here’s how you enter; choose one, two or all three ways for the maximum chances to win.

*Please note: you will not win if you are not a we heart this member. (But joining is simple and takes all of two minutes. Sign up here.)

  1. For your first (and required) entry, make sure you are a we heart this member (see above) and leave a comment telling us what you miss most from your school days – Gossiping at the lunch table? Friday night football games? Homework? Share your fondest memory!
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We’ll accept entries until Wednesday, March 16th at Midnight (pst) and will announce the winner soon after that. Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed.

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Good luck everyone!

Disclosure: This giveaway includes products/prizes that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

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Written by Tyna Werner


  1. Nicole Kazee

    I miss walking through the halls between classes. I loved having all these people I knew breeze by, and meeting a group that always hung out by the same lockers between 2nd and 3rd period, and seeing that guy I had a crush on who always walked down a certain hall at a certain time (oh how I obsessed over just how enthusiastically he’d say hello each day…)

  2. Profile photo of glamazon56

    What I miss most from my school days is the carefreeness! You do not have to worry about paying bills, homeowners insurance or driving to work in the snow….you just don’t know how good you have it when you are young and carefree!
    I also miss the “parents are away houseparties!”

  3. Profile photo of Louise MK
    Louise MK

    I miss my friends from my school days. We grew up and grew apart, but I’ll always have such fond memories of hanging out & getting into trouble with them!

  4. Profile photo of hao9703

    @glamazon56 – You are so right about being carefree. My biggest worry was what I was going to wear and when I was going to wear it. (That sounds so shallow.) Also, there was the “forbiden allure” of those houseparties.

    I love Murad and this adorable package. I bet I am not the only one who would really use lunchbox and thermos.

  5. Profile photo of Christine

    I do not miss much! I guess looking back, I will say that I miss not having to really think about anything but doing well in school (i.e., no responsibilites!!!)

  6. Darcy B

    I agree I miss not having the weight of the world on my shoulders–I miss just having fun and laughing with my friends.

  7. gina

    I miss the carefreeness, the lack of responsibility and the simplicity. Although it didn’t feel so simple at the time!

  8. Profile photo of dlori27

    What do I miss most from my High School Years? My High School Class has never had a reunion. All but one of the people I grew up with have simply disappeared from my life. However, out of nowhere, some people from my high school class organized an informal gathering for this coming Saturday. As such, I’ve been thinking about this very question for the past few weeks. I think what I miss the most is how carefree and easy life truly was. While at the time, I felt every day was a drama, the reality is I had the love and support of a very loving, close knit family, great friends and life in general was simply beautiful. I didn’t have all the worries pertaining to paying bills, my time was all my own. I miss all the hours of gossiping with my girlfriends about the cute boys we were in love with, which changed of course hourly, gossiping about each other, the laughing, getting yelled at constantly by my parents to get off the phone, all the daydreaming about the future. I miss looking in the mirror and seeing no lines or wrinkles and waking up each day painfree. Most of all, I miss just being young and carefree.

  9. Profile photo of Erin Walsh
    Erin Walsh

    I’m a member. And other than snow days and my few really good friends, I don’t miss a thing about school. So glad it’s over. Yeah!


  10. Profile photo of dlori27

    For my third and final entry, I have the “Tell Me More” section of my profile filled out. Thanks for sponsoring this sweepstakes, offering such a wonderful and generous gift to your loyal fans. Win or lose, this and your other contests are greatly appreciated. Thanks again.


  11. Christine

    I miss days back when I was still in school (private Catholic all girls school run by nuns) of hanging out with girlfriends at the mall, going to the movies,getting excited about the next concert we were hoping to attend talking for hours on the phone….usually talking about boys and while listening to music…Little did I realize that those days were so simple back then unfettered by bills, real jobs and real responsibilities….other than making good grades at school and practicing the piano. Those were the days….

  12. Profile photo of katezena

    What I miss most about high school is being able to see friends every day!

    I’ve liked WHT on FB and I have the Tell Me More section filled out!

  13. Margaret Smith

    I miss going out with friends on a daily basis.
    Thanks so much.

  14. Profile photo of Tamara Dohan
    Tamara Dohan

    In high school, my girlfriends and I used to pass notes back and forth in the hall and in class. I miss the excitement of it all…trying to not get caught in class. :-)

  15. Profile photo of misskimmm dackson
    misskimmm dackson

    i miss the utter torment of crushes on boys that never knew i was alive (or DID know and wished i wasn’t…). altho it was pure torture, there was a certain *aliveness* that was felt when i’d unexpectedly turn a corner and there *they* would be. the hoping and praying that they’d ask me to the dance or ask me to join them on the ‘couples only’ skate time at the roller derby on friday nights. i was pretty much a loner back then and still am today, but i would proudly carry a reform school lunchbox with my filtered water in the thermos – and nobody would be able to guess i’m *that* old because the murad magic would be doin’ that voodoo that murad do’s so well and all the boys would be under my spell! (hey, it’s MY fantasy – let me stay in my little illusion, ok? ok! thx!)

  16. Profile photo of Mary Lewis
    Mary Lewis

    I miss the rush before seeing my favorite boy in the next class! I miss skipping school! I miss band practice and the hijinx we got into afterward!


    Field trips we had awsome field trips as kids. I kinda feel bad for my kids schools here dont do field trips like we did we would go to the water treatment plant, milk factory, ect.

    texaswaitress (at) live (dot) com

  18. Profile photo of DANIELLE WALDO

    i miss the field trips we had awsome field trips to the water treatment plants, Dairy farms, ect… My poor kids schools dont do that here.

    texaswaitress (at) live (dot) com

  19. Profile photo of krista

    I miss not having to pay bills :)
    I also miss the people I was friends with–we are all scattered all over the country now (the farthest being Hawaii). We still talk, but it’s just not the same :(

  20. Profile photo of Sonja

    I miss making my friends giggle in class, & of course all the shameless flirting that goes on in school. Wow, as you get older, it just becomes less appropriate to be that flirtatious, hmm, kinda miss it. I’ve got my “tell me more” section all filled out, & have “liked” wht on facebook!

  21. Profile photo of Lucia Martis
    Lucia Martis

    Man, I miss bringing home piles of homework, and running around in gym class. I am a nerd that way ;) I’ve filled out my About me, and liked you guys on facebook :D

  22. Christine

    I’m a member and I miss spending time with old friends that I don’t see anymore.

    Thank you.

  23. Stephanie Gregory

    I am a member. I miss all my olds friends. We used to have a blast! Thanks for the chance!

  24. Profile photo of ferriz

    I miss hanging out in the band room or the “batcave” (this dark scary hallway leading up to the band room that the “normal” kids did not dare venture into). We were strange kids and the band room was our place to be the nerds we were (are?). ;)


  25. Profile photo of Amanda

    Murad, reform me, my skin needs a lesson!

    I miss sitting in the band room/practice rooms with my friends and goofing off. We used to have so much fun!

  26. Profile photo of Steph M
    Steph M

    Ahhh how I miss skipping classes and catching the bus to the mall to shop. In all fairness, it was senior year and I didn’t have that many classes ;P

  27. misty

    I miss the school lunch. Eating together and joking about with my friends were fun. Good time!

  28. Lyndsey R.

    I miss having tons of friends! I don’t miss homework LOL.

    lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  29. beveanne mckinley

    when i hurt all over it was because id fallen off the monkeybars not just slept wrong. when my stomach growled it was because i was hungry not hungover n regretting it when i had blisters it was from playing to hard not hiking because the dr told me i had to

  30. Profile photo of Sarabeth

    I am a we heart member (Sarabeth1117)

    The thing I miss most from my school days is hanging out with my friends, especially at events like Friday Night football games and dances. We had so much fun. My fondest memories are of us going to football games together and having sleepovers.


  31. Jennifer J

    Being on the dance team my senior year. i had so much fun & made great friends that year.

  32. Profile photo of Pamela Shockley
    Pamela Shockley

    I’m a member!!
    I miss hanging out with the girl who was my best friend from 2nd grade all the way through HS in her Volkswagen Beetle at lunch time eating and gossiping.

  33. Profile photo of Sand

    I miss my group of friends from high school. WE always had the most fun but as we got older, it became harder to be a kid and easier to grow up!

  34. Profile photo of Charlene Kuser
    Charlene Kuser

    I miss hanging out with my friends from school checking out the guys and comparing notes.I also miss the time we spent in the
    bathroom doing out makeup and hair

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