Lizzie, Izzie and James – adorable accessories for your little one

lizzieizziejamesA Lizzie, Izzie and James   adorable accessories for your little one

Little girls have it made. They get to eat ice cream and not have to worry about working out. No one looks at them funny when they’ve got wacky color pairings (ala pink striped tights with a yellow dress). But most of all, they get all the cutest hair accessories. It’s not fair, I tell you! But my old lady jealousy is understandable when you take one look at the adorableness that is Lizzie, Izzie and James.

The site is like a little girl’s hairdo dream! From cupcakes to strawberries, monograms to bows, animals to rainbows – it’s sweetness overload. Can you imagine the fun your little one would have picking out her accessory? “Honey, do you want the panda bear or the ice cream cone today?”

And whether it’s hair clips or headbands, everything is meticulously handmade with premium materials. You’ll find high quality wool felt, non-pinching bands and clips that painlessly catch any tiny bit of hair that might be on the head. You know what that means; no ouchies! But how do we know that? Because the products are tested by the owners own children; Lizzie, Izzie and…James?

That’s right, why should girls have all the hairdo fun? For this reason, they also offer crowns made with the same artisan quality as the accessories. Girls and Boys can choose to be pirates, superheros, sea captains or whatever their imagination can come up with!

lizzieizziejames Lizzie, Izzie and James   adorable accessories for your little one

Add to that fabulous customer service (next business day shipping, $3 flat rate shipping, and a 60-day, any product, any reason, no quibble refund policy) Lizzie, Izzie and James isn’t just a kid’s dream, but a Mom’s too!

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    What a cute selection of accessories from Lizzie, Izzie and James! Love the pirate crown too. I would wear the hair clips and band if only it fit my big head! Awesome..will share with both sister and sister in law who have kids – so up thier alley!

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    These are precious! I can’t wait until my daughter is older and can wear the headbands – the soft and non-pinching bands are crucial – I could still kick myself for the time I had a darn elastic headband on and didn’t realize it was too tight until I saw the red mark it left when I took it off =^(( So, these will be a God-send when the time comes!

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