3 things – have or have not

have havenot 3 things   have or have notI have: double jointed thumbs, four dogs I love more than anything and an obscene amount of lip gloss.

I don’t have: a lot of patience, very many sensible shoes, a mathematical mind.

I wish I had:
a bigger kitchen, enough money to not have to worry and health care!

You know how to play – cut and paste the following into the comments – and join us in a game of 3 things: the have and have not edition!

I have:
I don’t have:
I wish I had:

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  1. Profile photo of Sonja

    I have: a great boyfriend; a small living space filled with lots of love; currently some tasty snacks in my refrigerator.

    I don’t have: height; the ability to go an hour without either dropping something, tripping, or forgetting an important task; a quiet disposition

    I wish I had: a slightly more interesting life (although part of me really doesn’t care, life’s not bad, really); a pet dachshund; bigger boobies.

    How great were Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Becall in To Have & Have Not, by the way? So great together I thought

  2. Profile photo of Steph M
    Steph M

    I have: an amazing group of friends & family that loves me despite my flaws, more shoes than closet space, a super quick temper and an almost unnatural love of avocados.

    I don’t have: tolerance for stupidity/ignorance or enough shoes.

    I wish I had: said some things I’ll never get the chance to say.

  3. Profile photo of turboterp

    I have: an embarrassing number of pictures of my dog on my desk at work, a diploma from racing school at the California Speedway, my SAG card

    I don’t have: room for more makeup, purses or shoes (but that’s not going to stop me from squeezing them into my life somehow)

    I wish I had: the luxury of quitting my day job, a shorter commute, frizz-free hair

  4. Profile photo of Kellie

    I have: an amazing husband, dog, and education.

    I don’t have: a lot of money, a second car, a kid, or the ability to whistle.

    I wish I had: my M.A. already, a great job, and better overall health.

  5. Profile photo of irene

    I have: A funny sense of humor, and good ear for music. Two desert tortoises named Obbie and Doobie, an amazing organic garden already producing vegetation and fruit, a great job, and wonderful husband of 24 years come May 30th.

    I don’t have: Strong fingernails, small feet- (size 10) or an organized closet!

    I wish I had: a dog, a surfboard, and a new stove so cooking would be even more enjoyable with a bigger kitchen to boot. Adequate cash flow, so we could travel wherever we wanted at any given time and most importantly, help out those in need.

  6. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I have: Flyers gear for every day of the week, multiple copies of my favorite books, and an iPhone fill of cat pictures

    I don’t have: a drivers license(in LA!), a flat screen tv (I don’t care, but some people act like I’m watching a black & white set with rabbit ears {youngins’ may need to google that term}), the willpower to get back into a workout schedule (yet!)

    I wish I had: the ability to wear heels and red – especially lipstick!, just an inch or two more height, a big back yard with a big dog to romp in it
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  7. Profile photo of Amanda

    I have: an unnatural love of office supplies, a fantastic husband, and an “invisible” physical disability.

    I don’t have: handicapped plates ’cause I’m afraid people will judge me (really, I don’t look disabled and most people don’t know), a definite career plan (I want to be and do everything!), or a big enough spice cabinet.

    I wish I had: higher ankles (they rub on a lot of shoes), a huge farm with lots of animals, and family that lived closer.

    I love 3 Things posts!

    1. Profile photo of katezena


      May I ask what your “invisible” physical disability is, or is it too personal? I’m asking because most people don’t guess at first hand that I’m Autistic or that I have Spastic Cerebral Palsy; both of my cases are very mild. Unless you knew what to look for, most normal people are quite surprised when I tell them I have high-functioning Autism and CP (I also have Epilepsy and Asthma…these are just the things I’ve had since birth). I usually have to tell people these things in order for me to learn to the best of my ability in school; people don’t understand that even one whisper throws me off focus so I need quiet to learn.

      I don’t think you should be ashamed of your disability, even if it’s “invisible.” I think if you feel that you need a handicapped license plate, you should apply for one and see if you qualify for one. You shouldn’t let something like what people think affect your decision. Do I know what people think about me in school? Some I do; some (the ones whom I gently tell to please be quiet during class) think I’m very stuck-up and a bitch, but the ones who get to know me during the semester will tell you differently. Most of the time I don’t what they think. It doesn’t change my mind about telling people about my disorders. It hurts when someone thinks I’m mean, but in the end, I can’t change their minds.

      (Sorry if I sound pushy. I’m just trying to connect. I’m very bad at communicating.)

    2. Profile photo of Amanda

      @KateZena – Nope, I don’t think you’re being pushy at all! :)
      I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It’s a congenital disorder that affects collagen production. Because of it my joints don’t rebuild the cartilage that wears down as I move, my joints dislocate very easily (I’ve dislocated my shoulder rolling over in bed, haha!), and I have a mitral valve prolapse. My doctors have told me that eventually I may lose the ability to walk which is the worst of it. I really like walking, haha! It tends to put me in constant pain, and walking at the end of the day can be very difficult. (Hence the disability plates, which I do qualify for.)
      At the end of the day I just don’t know any better. I’ve never not been in pain, so the realization that people don’t always feel like this was weird for me! I’ve decided that I want to use it while I’ve got it, so I continue to run and do all the crazy stuff I like to do. (Though I did stop playing roller derby at my doctor’s insistence, LOL.) I’ve decided to not get the plates until it’s totally and completely necessary. Some of it is the judgements of others, though I realize how silly that is. Anyway, my disability isn’t “that bad” on the spectrum of disabilities, and I would feel terrible taking a spot when someone in a wheelchair or something needs it more than me.
      Oh, and technically my Celiac disease is a disability! I don’t really consider it as such, though I do have permanent damage to my intestines and will probably need to be on rx vitamins for life. I also have a personality disorder (borderline) but I’ve been told that I’m a poster child for how well DBT can work for borderline patients and it’s nothing I consider a disability.

      Haha, I’ve written a novel! I’m certainly not ashamed of my disability, as you can see I kinda like talking about it, LOL! I think it’s important to educate people about all these sorts of human differences (and I work in the MR/DD field). That, and my friends like it when I get drunk and dislocate my thumbs, hahah!

    3. Profile photo of katezena

      That sounds quite horrible! I thought it was quite painful being me! I’ve learned to actually numb out my pain for the most part; Cerebral Palsy can’t get worse, but it can get better with PT and medicine. I still have off-days where I feel pain and those are baaaaaaad days (I’m quite evil). Some of my medicines actually multi-task. My Epilepsy medicine also help with my debilitating migraines, my allergy medicine doubles as helps my Asthma, and my Depression medicine helps my physical pain. It’s rather funny seeing the commercial for my Depression medicine now as a pain killer. I had no idea until recently.

      I’m sorry your disorder is progressive. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am that my Autism and CP can’t progress like cancer, they can only get better if I’m willing to do the work (which I usually am not since I’m incredibly stubborn and don’t like people bossing me around).

      Hey, at least we’ll be on meds for life together. I’m on them for life for my Depression, Epilepsy, and insomnia. I’ve got (and I quote) “incurable depression.” Yes, apparently one can have incurable depression. I wonder if that’s in the DSM-IV. :)

  8. Profile photo of hao9703

    I have: a green thumb and a fun job with lots of travel

    I don’t have: a dog (my beloved Great Dane passed away last summer)or a big enough closet

    I wish I had: a whole canning kitchen, I love to make sauces and other things from my garden. However, my boyfriend does most of the day to day cooking. The kitchen is his domain and I want my own area to play in and experiment.

  9. Profile photo of Marilyn

    It was so fun reading these and seeing the similarities between wht readers :)

    I have: thunder thighs, a knack for running into things and knocking over/dropping things, a love of office/craft supplies (particularly sharpies, post it notes, mechanical pencils, and gel pens).

    I don’t have: my laundry folded, enough closet space.

    I wish I had: more shoes, more time, more money,
    Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex recently posted..Race Recap- Eugene Marathon

  10. Profile photo of mandabear

    I have: a broken molar, sore legs and feet from wearing wedge heels all day, cool ranch doritos in my belly.

    I don’t have: a driver’s license or permit, the ability to go to sleep earlier than midnight, the desire to clean my crazy mess of a room.

    I wish I had: more me time, more money, the ability to sing and/or make music.
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  11. Profile photo of katezena

    I have: Hyper-sensitive skin that loves taunting me; a final on Tuesday; lots of new summer clothes from a recent shopping excursion to TJ Maxx (I’m a Maxxinista!); an obsession for dogs; one super cute Decker Terrier named Zena who won wht Pet of the Month (who brags about this quite often)

    I don’t have: a great sense of depth perception and balance from Cerebral Palsy and Autism so I can’t go a day without tripping, falling, smacking into something, etc….and it’s not fixable so working out with me is incredibly dangerous (yes, you WILL get bruises from me); hair that will curl; the ability to wear heels without screaming in pain (two words: Cerebral Palsy); a mountain view (Colorado, how I miss thee)

    I wish I had: a car so I could use my driver’s license; a bigger closet; more money; a better way to help Hazel, the next door neighbor’s dog, who’s neglected. It makes me sad I’ve done everything I can legally do for her and she’s still there. It’s not fair for a doggie to go so clearly unloved.

  12. Profile photo of glamazon56

    I have my health (the best thing to have), a fun, loving family and the best fiancee and kitty anyone could hope for.
    I don’t have an Hermes bag, the ability to tell a convincing lie or a tan.
    I wish I had my family in the same country, a water view and the room and resources to take in all the neglected cats and dogs in the world!

  13. Profile photo of Shaya C.
    Shaya C.

    I have a newly rediscovered love for Fred Astaire, a brand new grill in my backyard, an amazing family that currently includes my wonderful boyfriend/partner in crime, 2 great dogs, and my boyfriends teenage stepdaughter from his previous marriage who is living with us for the summer (long story).

    I don’t have a big enough kitchen, a way to keep my nail polish organized, enough time to keep my house as clean as I want it.

    I wish I had more gardening skills, more sandles and cute summer dresses, a remodeled bathroom, a way to keep my little dog from barking.

    1. Profile photo of katezena


      You can train her to not bark; keep in mind it might not eliminate her from barking all together (terriers bark naturally to alert their masters to prey and to the doorbell). It’s a lot of work and you need to be consistent.

      When she barks, wait and treat her when she’s quiet for the count of two (two whole seconds, use a watch if needed). She’ll actually figure it out after a while and be quiet faster. Once you’ve built this up (do it three or four times), attach a word like “quiet” (use a word you’ll only use with her and not in your daily life) and a physical symbol like crossing your hands. Remember: Never give her the treat until AFTER she’s quiet for the count of two (some people really screw this up so always remember this). It’ll be tempting to give it to her when she becomes quiet when the doorbell rings, but you must wait for the count of two. Some dogs will go for one second and start barking again.

      Have a friend ring the bell for you so you can practice. Don’t let your friend in until your dog is quiet. If she barks when your friend comes in, tell your friend to kindly go out and do it again. It’s hard work, but it does work.

      While you work, be positive. I know it’s stressful when your dog doesn’t cooperate (I should know, Zena can be a PAIN), but you need to remain positive while you train. Your dog becomes uncooperative when you show that your stressed! Have fun and I hope this helps!

      P.S. Once she becomes super consistent, you can start decreasing the treats.

  14. Profile photo of sherrishera

    I have: A job that pays well and provides free medical and dental, my mom, a best friend, a fiancée and a wiener I love. And a pile of debt.
    I don’t have: A house, a mortgage, kids
    I wish I had: A house…with a big backyard for lots of doggies…and extra bedrooms for guests and/or kids…and a big kitchen for entertaining.
    And no debt.

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