we heart weekly – 6.4.11

OldTed we heart weekly   6.4.11

I’m keeping it short this week chicks, I’m sleepy! Our Photo of the Week shows someone else who’s sleepy – Ted, my old guy Boston Terrier. Isn’t he a love?

Speaking of love, here are a few other things I loved this past week…

• Have you heard about the MAC Bloggers’ Obsession collection? We die! They teamed up with some very lucky (and very fabulous) bloggers to create their ultimate dream items. Among the nine product line are two from ladies we not only look up to, but our happy to have had some friendly contact with over the years. Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog brings us Evolution Revolution, a golden peachy pink lipglass based on the beautiful hue of a sunset spent with best friends. And from the mind of Christine at Temptalia we get Jealousy Wakes, a stunning emerald green with gold pearl eye shadow that’s story is as inventive as she is. Congrats to all the bloggers who got this once in a lifetime opportunity!

• Courtesy of another favorite blogger (and we heart this writer) Nouveau Cheap, I learned something that made my Young and the Restless lovin’ heart skip a beat. In a few weeks there will actually be a Jabot Cosmetics! For non-fans; Jabot is the beauty company on the show that has been cause for many a power struggle over the years. For fans, I KNOW! Are you freaking out as much as I am? The line will be sold through their site, on HSN and in Ulta stores.

• I’m hearing quite a bit that the tomboy look is the next big thing. It’s a hard one for me to pull off (I’m Hootie McBoob, and kudos to whoever recognizes that reference) but I have always loved a good cardigan! Barneys’ site, The Window took a closer look at it this week.

What’s the haps this weekend everyone? Anything fun planned?

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  1. Profile photo of Marilyn

    @Stef, I love your photo of your terrier :) Adorable!

    I’m super excited for the bloggers chosen for MAC’s Bloggers Obsessions collection–and super jealous! How fun would it be to play in MAC’s makeup lab?!

    This weekend’s plan: long run, laundry, cleaning around the house. :(

  2. Carole

    I heart Ted. He looks like my favorite kind of dog: the snuggly kind. My springer spaniel, Coco, is that kind also. But don’t get me started on Archie, our 80 lb Airedale Terrier puppy!

  3. Profile photo of Amanda

    Awwwww, Ted is adorable! Frankie sends his equally sleepy Boston terrier love, hahah.

    I’m so, so excited for the Blogger’s Obsessions collection. I actually have an alarm set on my GCal to remind me when it goes on sale! Evolution Revolution is #1 on my list.

  4. Profile photo of kari

    While I’m not a Hootie McBoob, nor a Chesty La Rue, I just can’t pull off the full tomboy look either. I love the look though. It’s a great modern version of the Teddy Girl look from London during the 50s.

  5. Profile photo of katezena

    @stef – I love it when you feed my obsession for doggies. Ted is adorable. Does Ted dig his nose into the blanket when he sleeps and then start snoring through the blanket?

    I fell in love with Christine’s color. It’s gorgeous. She really worked to make sure it was perfect. I love her story behind makes Jealousy Wakes. I love how Christine never gave up trying to get the color of her dreams (she had samples flown to her to get it just right). Some people give up and would pick one at the factory, but she didn’t.

    Karen’s color is beautiful too, but I can’t wear MAC lipglosses or lipsticks. It would make a perfect eyeshadow color too!

    1. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
      Stef Andrews

      @katezena – both my Bostons sleep under the covers, then pop out when they can’t breath.
      And Ted snores like a sailor! A lot of friend’s of mine can’t fall asleep if he’s in the guest room. I find it oddly soothing.

      Is Zena a snorer?

    2. Profile photo of katezena

      HA HA HA, that is funny. Zena snores sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes. She doesn’t snore all that much with me, but when she joins the Snore Team (aka Mom & Dad, although my dad more moans than snores. Thank God none of my walls are connected to that room or I’d never sleep.), she definitely snores. Zena does really goofy sounds when she sleeps. She mainly moans, huffs, puffs, snorts, whines, snarls, and growls over snoring. It’s HILARIOUS…if you’re A) not trying to sleep and B) you’re a light sleeper like me. She’s a dog symphony. I about die laughing sometimes because her paws (and body) twitch and do weird things in time with the noises!

      And then, there’s her absolute quiet sleeping times. When she has these, we have to poke her to make sure she’s alive!

  6. Profile photo of Mel

    What a fascinating read on Christine’s eyeshadow! Makes me want to buy it just because she worked so hard at getting it just right – and it’s absolutely gorgeous, too. I can’t think of any shade that’s just like it.

  7. Profile photo of tiglesia

    I love Doggies!

    I wish MAC would let me design ‘my perfect red’ no one has it right, so I custom blend my signature red lip from a few different colors from different brands.

    I’ve been in shoe heaven this week at FFANY – The Fashion Footwear Association’s Trade Show in NYC! :-)

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