we heart weekly – 7.23.11

25% off Anastasia, 80’s bands and the return of SMG!

Squee! I can’t tell you all how excited I am to have Sarah Michelle Gellar back on my television screen this fall. I was just telling Stef how my favorite tv shows are all sitcoms (sans the MIA Mad Men – come back soon!) and I miss having a few dramas/thrillers to watch every week.

Our Video of the Week is an extended sneak peek at the upcoming Fall 2011 CW show, Ringer. SMG, an evil twin type plot, cool cinematography and Nestor Carbonell of Lost?! I’m so in.

A few more bright spots this week:

I’ve been all aflutter for Ringer since the series announcement this spring, but it was SMG’s appearance at the on-going San Diego Comic-Con that re-sparked my excitement. For more nerdlefink news check out Entertainment Weekly’s full and fab coverage: Entertainment Geekly: Comic Con 2011

If I haven’t geeked out enough for you this week, now I need to confess I was tween-level excited to see the latest Hunger Games movie PR roll out: the reveal of the Motion Picture Poster seen while reading real news (I do that too sometimes!) at the Los Angeles Times website: A new ‘Hunger Games’ movie poster! OMG!

Everyone’s got a favorite band or two from the 80s. Now, thanks to this hilarious list from McSweeny’s we can decipher just what those fave bands tell us about a person. For instance, if you’re still a huge fan of the Cocteau Twins, you also “have spilled Zima on someone who was dressed as a dark elf.” See the entire list here: What your favorite 80s band says about you

Here’s my ingenious tip of the week supplied by the smartypants over at Apartment Therapy. A simple, cheap, effective way to keep sand where it belongs, at the beach, using an old flannel shirt and cornstarch: One Simple Trick: How To Keep Sand Out of the House

Finally, if you’re looking to do a little beauty shopping, Anastasia Beverly Hills is celebrating their beauty anniversary with a fantastic 25% discount! Our purchase suggestion? The Illumin8 palette – it was part of Stef’s IMATS haul and is divine! Log in at anastasia.net and use code CELEBRATE ~ Click below to start shopping!

Anastasia Sale  we heart weekly   7.23.11

How was your week readers? Share your squee-worthy moments and triumphs of any type in the comments!

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