we heart weekly – 7.30.11

purses, candy, ice cream and makeup, yes please!

Welcome to the weekend, we heartsters! Join me in a round up of all things lovely, won’t you?

Proenza we heart weekly   7.30.11

• Ok, I can far from afford a $1,595 bag, but my god – how pretty is this Proenza Schouler PS1? It’s like a big girl’s school book bag. Teal or violet not not your cup of tea? Check it in Tangerine? Love, love, love.

KateSpade we heart weekly   7.30.11

• A bit more wallet friendly at $325 (well, kind of!) is the Kate Spade Book Clutch series. Shown here is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and there are five other classics to pick from. They’re printed cotton twill under clear pvc with metallic foiled cowhide trim, and utterly adorable.

• I saw a fun photo essay this week on Delish.com about retro candy. Take a look and see how many you remember and miss (oh Gatorgum, I loved you!)

sephorapalette we heart weekly   7.30.11• I’m totally intrigued by the Allure Beauty Editor Palette by Sephora. It has 5 palettes that all have six eye shadows, one blush or bronzer, and one doe foot lipgloss. All shades chosen by the team at Allure, and it’s only $34! I think I kinda need this…

• Dear New Yorkers, please go to the Big Gay Ice Cream shop and report back!

• Did you see all MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions shades are back in stock? HURRY! And check out the new blogger’s videos on the site. They’re a little glimpse into what it was like for all these lucky ladies to be at MAC and be part of this dream project. It’s really sweet to see their excitement, it makes me love the collection even more.

Tyna’s in PA, I’m in LA – where are all of you this weekend? And, whatcha up to?

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  1. Profile photo of mandabear

    Sigh, I can’t look at PS1’s without getting extremely sad haha. but those two are beautiful.

    The Big Gay Ice Cream Store isn’t open just yet. But I can tell you that the Big Gay Ice Cream TRUCK has been a huge summertime favorite for me. I love both the Bea Arthur (vanilla, caramel and nilla wafer crumbles all over it) and the Salty Pimp (vanilla, caramel, sea salt and a chocolate shell). Mmm! I’m so so excited for their store to open. They are such awesome friendly guys and the store will be a hit for sure!

    Oh yes, and I totally went and ordered Hocus Pocus once I heard that the Blogger Collections were back up. I don’t usually cave for eyeshadows anymore but since this is the ultimate insta-smokey eye shadow (from what I’ve been hearing on the internetz), I had to have it.

  2. Profile photo of Amanda

    I love the series of book clutches by Kate Spade. Really, I love everything Kate Spade touches, LOL!
    The only “retro” candy I remember from the list is CareFree gum. It wasn’t very good, as I remember, but my mother insisted on sugar free candy/gum and that was all there was for awhile! SO GLAD we have better options now!

  3. Profile photo of kari

    I have been dying to try the big gay ice cream when it was just a truck but every time I was in NYC the timing didn’t work out! Thank god there’s a store now. It is on my list of MUST do’s next time I’m there.

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