Get Halloween makeup application at Ricky’s!

There’s never been a time that we’ve wished we were close to a Ricky’s more than right now! Because at Halloween, the already fab store goes over the top on the fabulosity meter.

We popped by for a visit when we were in New York last month (details coming soon) and they were just beginning the transformation into Halloween super store. It’s very cool to see, large cages are hung over existing stock so that their Halloween products can hang from them and take over the whole store. You can get a lot of what they sell in store on their website, but here’s a new service that’s for locals only. And we’re incredibly jealous.

Ricky’s Revolver Salon, their in house chain of salons, is offering makeup to die for. Where else can you go for a bullet hole, fang puncture wounds or a full face of undead beauty? Check out the totally reasonable price list (I’d so pay that) and make your appointment today. It’s only 12 days until Halloween…

Do you love it or do you LOVE it?

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