DIY: Glittery Heeled Shoes

DIY GShoes 13 DIY: Glittery Heeled Shoesphotos: kirsten for we heart this

From beauty to fashion, glitter has been everywhere lately. It’s definitely one of the hottest trends of the season, and I’m not complaining. I’m absolutely loving how glitter isn’t just for little girls anymore, and how it can be used in a glamorous and classy way.

This month (when we’re all feeling a little festive) my DIY uses some glitter to add a little sparkle to one of my favorite pairs of vintage shoes. Obviously, you can go all out and cover the entirety of each shoe, but I wanted just a subtle touch to the heels.

Glittery Heeled Shoes

DIY GShoes 02 DIY: Glittery Heeled Shoes

Small plastic cup
Ultra fine glitter
Gloss glaze (can be found in the glue or paint section at the craft store)
Foam paintbrush
Shoes of your choice (I would recommend starting with a pair of vintage and/or inexpensive shoes)

DIY GShoes 04 DIY: Glittery Heeled Shoes

DIY GShoes 05 DIY: Glittery Heeled Shoes

1. Start with clean, dry shoes and make sure there isn’t any dirt, debris, stickiness, etc. on the heel of both shoes.

DIY GShoes 06 DIY: Glittery Heeled Shoes

2. Add equal parts gloss and glaze in the plastic cup.

I chose black glitter so that it will match with everything I own. Choose your favorite color glitter, and just have fun with it!

DIY GShoes 07 DIY: Glittery Heeled Shoes

3. Mix thoroughly.

DIY GShoes 08 DIY: Glittery Heeled Shoes

4. Carefully start brushing the glitter/glaze mixture on to the heel.

DIY GShoes 09 DIY: Glittery Heeled Shoes

5. Repeat on the other heel.

DIY GShoes 10 DIY: Glittery Heeled Shoes

6. Before setting each shoe aside to dry, sprinkle a little more glitter onto the heel if you’d like.

DIY GShoes12 DIY: Glittery Heeled Shoes

7. Let dry overnight, and rock your sparkling fun shoes!

Happy holidays everyone – hope you’re rocking a pair of Glittery Heel Shoes this season!

Kirsten of is currently in graduate school, working towards her Masters of Science in Nutrition. She loves vintage shoes, photography, and baking at obscure hours of the night. Her art and DIY supplies are currently taking over her apartment, and she wouldn’t want it any other way.

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  1. Profile photo of hao9703

    I like this idea. However, I may use painters tape to make sure the glitter does not “bleed”. Then, hopefully I will have a clean line that is evenly applied. (Sometimes that is tricky when using a sponge brush.)

  2. Kate

    this is one of the best and easiest things to do to a pair of shoes! I love this idea: and tonight I am going to go home and do this to a couple of mu “dull” pairs of shoes! hobby lobby here I come!

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