The Lipstick League – week of 1.30.12

My new favorite nail polish costs $1 and that makes me happy

essence The Lipstick League    week of 1.30.12

Behold the beauty that is Irreplaceable Colour and Go polish by Essence. I’d love it at $8, but at $1 I’m in “quit my job and move across country for it” kind of love. It’s this gorgeous putty shade, loaded with delicate gold and green micro glitter. It’s all sorts of fabulous. I plan to hoard 10 bottles and don’t even have to feel bad about it.

Question of the Week: – If you were advising a makeup newbie, which three items would you suggest that they get to start with? (not counting base items)

Fun question! MAC Teddy eyeliner is a rich, shimmering chocolate brown that works with nearly everything (and probably the liner I use more than any other). A good shadow palette would be a wise purchase, and fun for a newbie to play with. So, how could I really pick anything other than Urban Decay Naked? Then I’m going to go for Benefit Coralista, one of the prettiest coral blushes around. And they might as well get started early on Benefit’s boxed blushes, they’re going to want every one!

Here’s what’s happening with the Leaguers this week…

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Beauty Junkies Unite – It’s raining tulips everywhere! Just kidding, it’s the review & swatches of OPI’s new Holland Collection for Spring/Summer 2012. I couldn’t decide which were my favorites, so I’m actually wearing different shades on my fingers and toes right now!

Clumps of Mascara – talks about an issue that many women go through or have gone through. In this week’s TMI Tuesday, we are talking about birth control.

Gouldylox Reviews – Is totally in love with this almost magical lip treatment. Yeah, it’s that good.

Nouveau Cheap – Jordana just rolled out 18 new specialty glitter polishes. If glitter’s your thing, come check out my three-part series covering every shade now available.

Pink Sith – invites her readers to the Natura Bisse Pure Air Bubble at Neiman Marcus in Tysons Corner, VA for February 22-25th, and gives a mini review for Inhibit-Dermafill.

Whatcha think readers? If you were advising a makeup newbie, which three items would you suggest that they get to start with?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

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    I got one of those Essence polishes to try out and it’s a gorgeous blue/purple color-shifting shade. They’re smaller than regular bottles, but I rarely use a whole bottle of polish anyway, and at $1, you can just stock up like @Stef :) Essence makes a lot of great products, and they’re all super inexpensive but decent quality. I’m currently obsessed with their black cream eyeliner.

    I would count foundation, concealer and brow powder as base items. Brows really frame your whole face, so having neatly groomed brows is a must, and for most people, a little brow powder does wonders! In terms of color/non “base” products, I would say that cream eyeliner is a must. At first it is trickier than pencil, but once you get the hang of it, it’s so simple and versatile! Second product: eyeshadow. I’m kind of an eyeshadow junkie, but this product can add so much to your look, and there are so many inexpensive but fabulous palettes (like Wet n Wild) that they’re great for newbies. Lastly, MASCARA. Whether it’s “training mascara” (clear or tinted), or the regular stuff, it really makes your eyes pop. I didn’t add gloss or balm because it seems that just about everyone already has these.
    Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex recently posted..The depiction of women in advertising

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    Well, I think good skincare is the “basis” of everything. So, I always recomend a good skincare routine. Cleaning your skin and making sure you remove all of your makeup is essential!!

    However, I want to build on what @lipglossandspandex said, I agree eye brows frame the face. There are so many brands of eyeshadow out there at all price points. I would recommend that a “newbee” should start out with a eye shadow that compliments your eye color and makes them pop. I also do not think you can go wrong with a nice natural pink blush or a bit of bronzer to add a touch of color. (Be careful to make sure it is not too dark for the skin tone.)

  3. Profile photo of Kellie

    This is a toughie! But I agree with a lit of your suggestions. Great brows can truly make a face! I would also suggest the UD Naked Palette. It is practically fool proof! I also would suggest a good primer, for instance the NP primer that I recently reviewed. It just makes applying the rest if your makeup so much easier. And I can’t forget Tarte’s Cheek Stain. It makes blush application a snap for novices!

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    Blush, Mascara and Lipstick are the three essentials for anyone starting out! Using the right shade blush should make you look like you’re blushing and not like you’re actually wearing blush- start simple! If you want to focus on your eyes, then be sure to get a good eyelash curler while you’re at it! They need the extra help (most eye lashes grow outward, not upward) to really look their best and that is the best way to achieve pretty peepers. My favorite curler is by shu but Sephora has a Go-Curler that works really well! For lipstick, I suggest a nude lipstick that will have your lips looking perfect and pop without much color!

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    Eyelash curlers are imperative. I like the one made by Kevyn Aucoin. I’m counting eyelash curlers, brows, foundation, concealer, and powder as “base” items b/c they are part of the canvas we’re working on :)
    If I were recommending 3 products, I’d say
    Bobbi Brown cream shadows b/c they don’t budge. Galaxy is my all-time favorite. It’s ridiculously flattering and makes eyes pop.
    Revlon’s new lip balms–I am wondering where they have been all my life. They have a fig shade and a sugar plum shade that are to die for and would flatter pretty much everyone.
    Julie Hewett Cheekies–the colors are natural and lovely and no breakouts. In a pinch, they double as lip color. Peachie is probably my favorite, followed up by Rosie, and then Bette. I miss Vampie–it was a plum shade that looked great with their Film Noir lipstick *pouts*

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