etsy 4 for Friday – Hot Chocolate Edition

Etsy Hot Chocolate etsy 4 for Friday – Hot Chocolate Edition

We’ve dipped into the low 40s here in Southern California and we’re in the heart of a Los Angeles winter. Happily for this warm weather fan, the LA winter only lasts a week or two. And the chilly nights give roomie Eric and I a reason to heat up a pot of milk and indulge in some piping hot chocolate.

While I am not a winter lover, there’s no better late night snack than a mugful of hot cocoa on a damp, cold night. So this February 4 for Friday we’re shopping Etsy for a few items to make ‘Hot Cocoa Nights’ just a little bit better!

For a fancy cup of hot chocolate, let’s start with a fancy cocoa, like the Cacao Especial from Flying Bird Botanicals. This hot chocolate is handmade with Peruvian and Ecuadorian cacoas that are sweetened with raw sugar infused with whole vanilla beans. The Fair Trade only ingredients are 100% organic, and it’s packaged in a cute little tin. $8.75

Think of spring as you sip from these absolutely adorable Vintage Folksy Daisy Mugs. Ward off the chill with this pair of bright and cheerful coffee cups from the 60s. Retro footed mugs are white with bold floral graphics, and are free of chips and cracks. $14

Skip those stale, little marshmallows and treat yourself by topping your mug with a Chocolate Covered, Strawberries & Champagne Marshmallow. These fluffy gourmet marshmallows are swirled with pureed strawberries and champagne, and drizzled with dark chocolate. And since they are made to order, they are always fresh. Order of 2 dozen marshmallows: $22

Avoiding sweets? Get the scent of hot cocoa without any of the guilt by lathering up with the Coffee Cart Hot Chocolate Soap. This uniquely packaged handmade vegan soap looks like it just came from an NYC vending cart. The chocolate scented soap with mini ‘marshmallows’ is packaged in a paper cup with stirrer and lid. Display the cuteness – or slice it up and get lathering. $9.75

Readers – are you a morning, night or all day Hot Chocolate drinker?

Tyna, co-founder and co-editor of wht, worries about becoming a crazy cat lady, reads at least a book a week, checks in at a Flyers fan forum every morning and is forever (some say obsessively) organizing her closets and drawers.

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Written by Tyna Werner


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    Woah, that soap looks so good I want to lick it! What a cute idea, making it look like a cup of (super thick and delicious) cocoa from a street cart. Looking at their Etsy store, AJSweetSoap has some AMAZING food-shaped soaps! Thanks for the tip @Tyna !

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    You have reminded me that I am out of dark chocolate hot cocoa k-cups for my Keurig. You have also reminded me that I STILL have milk chocolate hot cocoa k-cups…
    I could pretty much drink hot cocoa morning, noon, and night. It just has to be cold out or I can’t do it. I’ve also discovered the joys of whipped cream on my hot cocoa. I used to be a marshmallow girl, but now I’m firmly in the whipped cream camp. Sadly, I have no whipped cream in the house. How can I drink hot cocoa without whipped cream? With a furrowed brow and a pouty face.

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    I love hot cocoa but not as much as coffee. I do love trying out all different kinds though! I recently purchased the spicy hot cocoa mix from Trader Joe’s and I wanted to like it so bad because I am a fan of Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate…unfortunately it was too spicy :(

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