etsy 4 for Friday – Mad Men Style for All

Etsy Mad Men Style etsy 4 for Friday –  Mad Men Style for All

It’s almost here Mad Men fans! We have a nice, relaxing (hopefully) week-end ahead of us and then (FINALLY) on Sunday evening the two hour season premiere of Mad Men hits our screens. To celebrate the event, this 4 for Friday I’m searching Etsy for a little Draper-worthy vintage style for the whole house.

If you search for ‘Mad Men dress’ on Etsy you’ll discover hundreds of gorgeous frocks, but none more lovely than this Vintage Black Silk Chiffon Party Dress. This beauty is a Paul Sachs Original and features a striking square neckline with wide pleated shoulder straps highlighted by three sparkling rows of rhinestones. Dress is made of silk chiffon and fully lined. $98

You might not be able to talk your tweens and teens into wearing Mad Men style clothes, but if they’re little enough to wear this adorable Rooster & Chicken Bubble Play Suit they don’t have a choice! Heh. This 1960s wedgewood blue and white two-piece outfit is from Saks Fifth Avenue (Betty would approve) and features a white bodice with two embroidered roosters, super cute bubbled legs and a big blue sash and bow. $29

Sigh…I love men in hats (and I’m not talking about baseball caps). Add a little dapperness to your guy’s wardrobe with this vintage Creased Crown Stetson Fedora. Can’t you just see Don is this classic hat? Sigh…again. This 60s era charcoal gray fedora has a creased crown with a slightly turned back brim and a black satin ribbon with back bow. $45

Finally, here’s one for your furry family members, the Betty Draper Inspired Dog Collar. This hand crafted collar is made with a high quality, vintage inspired, designer fabric in a pink and slate gray plaid print (the matching bow is sold separately). Available for dogs of all sizes. $19.95

Readers – tell us about your favorite Mad Men worthy vintage piece!

Tyna, co-founder and co-editor of wht, worries about becoming a crazy cat lady, reads at least a book a week, checks in at a Flyers fan forum every morning and is forever (some say obsessively) organizing her closets and drawers.

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    @tyna, my hubby would just flip for the vintage Creased Crown Stetson Fedora! He loves hats more than anyone I know.. It’s so cool and so very classic! I may get it for him for his b-day coming up next month! And the Paul Sachs Original Black Silk Chiffon Party Dress is stunning.. what a beauty! Great pics! Great prices for them too!

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