BPAL Fraggle Rock Collection Review

Take a trip back to your youth and into the magical world of Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock!

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One of my favorite Saturday morning shows was “Fraggle Rock.” The catchy theme song, the fantastic muppets, Jim Henson; what’s not to love? And admit it- you TOTALLY had a favorite Fraggle that you wanted to be.

And now you can get one step closer and smell like your favorite Fraggle thanks to eight new scents from the fantastic folks over at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (aka BPAL). Introducing the Fraggle Rock Collection!

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Children of the 80s and the forever young at heart will have a hard time choosing just one of these colorful little bottles ($26 each) filled with intriguing and playful scents.

There are five scents based on our favorite Fraggles:

BPAL Fraggle Rock 4 BPAL Fraggle Rock Collection Review

Gobo– Tthe “leader” of the Fraggles, Gobo is an explorer who takes after his Uncle Matt and he’s always ready for a new experience. With essences of tangerine, lemon peel, sugared pink grapefruit and vanilla cream this is both a light yet complex scent. My husband (a bit of an adventurer himself) had declared this his favorite perfume yet. Not a bad review!

Wembley – Did you know that “to wemble” means to be perpetually indecisive in Fragglish? Wembley seems to take forever to make up his mind, often because he’s worried about hurting someone else’s feelings. A nervous optimist, he can find the good in every thing. With scents of white musk, banana, orange blossom honey, pineapple and mint. (Tyna says it smells like Runts candy!)

BPAL Fraggle Rock 3 BPAL Fraggle Rock Collection Review

Boober – The scaredy cat of the group, Boober is a neat-nick who prefers the known (and clean!) to risky runarounds. He lends an air of caution to goings on and makes sure that everyone has clean socks. Smells like freshly-washed laundry, linden blossom, soap suds and a sprinkle of vanilla.

Red – This Fraggle can only be described in action words: rambunctious, energetic, rowdy, outgoing, enthusiastic and athletic. Never one to take the day sitting down, Red can find a game and just a little bit of trouble anywhere she looks. A scent for your inner triathlete – sweet red currant, tangy cranberry, pink musk and spicy pink pepper.

Mokey – I admit that Mokey was my favorite Fraggle. As the free-spirited new age-y mom of the gang, Mokey reminds us all to keep our feet on the ground and our heads in the clouds. A little flighty and seriously sweet hearted, scents of lilac blossoms, violet sugar, orris root, stephanotis and osmanthus will keep you floating though out the day.

Uncle Traveling Matt – The uncle we all wish we had! Writer of many inspirational and informational post cards, Uncle Matt is willing to go where no Fraggle has ever gone before, encouraging the younger Fraggles to travel in his foot steps. A worldly scent with dark chocolate, figgy vanilla, pear and quince.

Don’t worry, BPAL didn’t just pay homage to the Fraggles, there are two scents representing the other creatures residing in the Fraggle world:

BPAL Fraggle Rock 5 BPAL Fraggle Rock Collection Review

Doozers – A Doozer is a species of small worker who works in the radish mines of Fraggle Rock. They live for work, and if a Doozer forgets the joy of working he or she will become a Fraggle! With hints of glittering crystals, soft soil and radish dust, this is both an industrious yet light-hearted scent. It goes on a little strong at first, with the radish being a sharp scent, but it wears down to a fresh and bright finish.

Gorg’s Garden – The Gorg’s are the large humanoid creatures that live above Fraggle Rock. They consider the Fraggles to be pests and are always looking for new ways to keep them out of the garden. In their personal “kingdom,” the Gorgs are farmers just trying to live the dream. Smells like radishes, freshly-turned soil and soft herbs.

Before we get to the comments – and since I know this song has been bopping through your head as you read the review – let’s take a look at the addictive opening theme song of the beloved television show:

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab never fails to thrill, and I really love what I’ve tried from this collection. I can’t wait to hear what the rest of our testing team thinks of the latest from our friend’s at BPAL!

Readers – are you ready to meet me and BPAL down at Fraggle Rock?


Click here to shop the Fraggle Rock Collection at BPAL!

Amanda loves all things yummy, shiny, beautiful, and fun. On any given day you’ll find her in the kitchen, walking her dogs, or catching a concert with friends.

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Written by Amanda


  1. Profile photo of dwj1

    I got Boober for review and I actually really like the clean scent. I’m not a huge fragrance person but now I want to try Red and Wembley (my favorite Fraggle). The scent isn’t overpowering and it lasted nicely. Plus, it’s Fraggle Rock – how can I NOT love it?!

  2. Profile photo of Mel

    Boober sounds like it’d be my favorite scent too – so clean and fresh sounding. Wembley and Gobo sound like they’d be favorites too for the fruits and light floral scents. Can’t wait to hear about them. Fun collection, as always from BPAL!

  3. Profile photo of irene

    Wow, these are just too cute… I had such a throw back moment watching this! I think that they all sound pretty darn inviting to me.. I would love to check out Red.. sounds amazing! I’m sure it is.. BPAL never disappoints.

    1. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
      Tyna Werner

      Totally @turboterp! When we received this collection, I had them all lined up on my vanity (had to sniff each one, of course!) and was tickled just to look at the grouping. Such a whimsical line!

  4. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    This was a hard collection to choose from! I thought everything smelled just like you’d imagine for a Fraggle line: happy, fun, light hearted. I thought the 2 radish scents were amazing; Doozers and Gorg’s Garden (can’t wait to hear what the reviewers thought of them.) JUST like radishes! But ultimately, I could not resist Mokey, because blossoms and violet sugar are two of my favorite notes ever and BPAL does them so, so well. Mokey wears well, smells beautiful and just makes me feel like I’m strolling through a purple garden. 5 fragrant stars.
    Stef recently posted..Green Monday Recipe: Caprese Hummus

    1. Profile photo of Amanda

      The radish really does shine in Doozers. The note of “glittering crystals” is a little overpowering at first but the soothingly earthy tones of the radish balances it nicely after a few minutes. Such a fantastic and unique summer scent!

    2. Profile photo of repippin

      Really??? The radishes were nice? When I read that I sort of jumped. Generally when I reach for a perfume I don’t think of radishes as something I’d like to smell like…but I’m open-minded

    1. Profile photo of Amanda

      There’s not much musk in Gobo (just enough to give it some depth and to balance the sweetness) so I think you’d really like it!

  5. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    What a fun BPAL collection – they never cease to surprise me with their creative inspirations! I admit I wasn’t much of a Fraggle fan growing up – I was deprived and didn’t get them on my cable (was it originally on HBO?), but I clearly remember watching them in @stef‘s den!

    I had a chance to sniff all 8 bottles before we sent them on to our testers – and Wow! – these are FUN. I’m not the best perfume ‘reader’ but I could really smell all of the notes in these cute bottles. I was torn between Boober (to me it smelled like Mr. Bubble bubble bath) Gobo (reminds me of an orange creamsickle) and Wembley (sweet and fruity – and made me think of RUnts candy – anyone remember those?!) but I went with Red.

    Red is a nice layered scent, at first it has more of a sweet candy fruit smell and after a few minutes dries down to a warm red currant scent with a hint of musk. Like most BPALs the oil is longlasting and bold – without being overpowering. It’s one of those scents that when I wear it, people ask me “What perfume is that? You smell so good!”

    Oh, and I have to mention how much I love the labels on this collection – cute and colorful! If you came of age in the 90’s, one or several of these bottles should be on your vanity – even with the slightly higher cost (which I assume is necessary due to licensing fees with the Jim Henson Company – and I have no problem with artists getting their due) this is a 5 star collection!
    Tyna recently posted..Green Monday Recipe: Caprese Hummus

  6. Profile photo of spitfire77

    I must admit, this brought me back to my childhood big time when Gorg’s Garden arrived for me to test…I loved the Fraggle’s!! Now, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this scent, mainly because I was afraid of Gorgs when I was little, AND because the idea of smelling like a radish wouldn’t necessarily be at the top of my list. But, I have to say, I’m with you @stef, I REALLY liked this scent! It just smells like a perfect, light and airy herb garden, (and yes RADISHES), and it’s a great scent for summer. I was shocked, but very pleased and think this line is fun, fresh and imaginative. It’s been a five star week for me, as far as products go, but I gotta give BPAL props, five stars for this whimsical line!

    1. Profile photo of Amanda

      Hehe, I was a little afraid of the Gorgs when I was little, too!

      At first the idea of smelling like a radish was a little intimidating, but it’s surprisingly current and fresh. In some ways I think that the radish notes correlate more closely to the way that a radish tastes rather than how they smell- sharp but not dirty. Adding the herb notes that go into Gorg’s Garden sounds like a wonderfully grownup but light scent.

  7. Profile photo of mandabear

    I haven’t even smelled this collection and I already know I will love it. If you market anything by bringing back my 90’s favs then I will probably be very much into it. I am DEFINITELY going to be checking these out!

  8. Profile photo of kari

    I got to test Uncle Traveling Matt and I should mention that I am a diehard fan of Fraggle Rock (seriously, I own the DVDs) and really a fan of anything the Jim Henson company does that I literally squealed out loud when I received this!

    I adore BPAL, but combine them with Fraggle Rock and I probably would have loved this no matter what it smelled like! Uncle Traveling Matt is just what you’d expect to represent someone like a loving uncle who has traveled the “world.” It’s slightly exotic in it’s mixture of ingredients, but at the same time there’s something warm and comforting about it when all the individual pieces come together. A divinely heady scent that wraps its rich figgy vanilla and sweet dark chocolate around higher notes of fruitiness from the pear and quince.

    I love this! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! My inner child is jumping for joy over these new BPAL scents and I’m really considering buying the whole series. Yay BPAL! Five stars!

  9. Profile photo of Amanda

    I’m still slightly obsessing over my bottles of Gobo and Doozers, I’ve been wearing either one or the other every single day! My sister is visiting this weekend and I hate to tell her but I’m not sharing!
    Gobo is still my husband’s official favorite summer scent, and this is coming from a man who rarely notices what I smell like. (It’s got to be really, really good for him to say much about it.) On days where it’s a little warmer and I feel the psychological need for a cooler scent I reach for Doozers. The “glittering rocks” notes really gives it a unique and sharp air that makes it all smell brighter. Strangely enough, el hubs says he would like it better if it smelled MORE like radishes!
    BPAL has created another fantastic, whimsical collection that is sure to thrill perfume collectors and Fraggle enthusiasts alike. 5 stars, all the way!

  10. Profile photo of glamazon56

    I let out a lil squeal when I saw the Wembley Fraggle staring back at me from the BPAL bottle! I sure do love my Fraggle Rock!
    How would this go as a fragrance? Just like I imagined a Fraggle to smell like actually!
    I thought Wembley smelled like Gummy Bears. I did notice the banana and pineapple notes. These oils are strong, long lasting and high quality. Another great, fun collection from BPAL!

  11. Profile photo of krista

    I loved Gobo and from the description, I’m thinking I’m going to love the BPAL version of Gobo, too :)

    I loved the Fraggles! I remember my folks got HBO right before Fraggle Rock started. Unfortunately, HBO tended to air R-rated stuff afterwards and my folks used tv as an electronic baby sitter, which is a recipe for disaster. Let’s just say that once I utilized some of the more colorful language I’d learned from HBO movies, my folks cancelled it and no more Fraggles :( Wah waaaaah *sad trombone*

  12. Profile photo of Kellie

    BPAL Fraggle Rock!!! OMG!! This is one that I am very sad not to have tested. BPAL fragrances are always amazing and such high quality. This has got to be their neatest collection yet. I don’t know which character to get. I want them all!! AWESOME!!

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