etsy 4 for Friday – Creature Comforts Camping Gear

Etsy Camping Gear etsy 4 for Friday – Creature Comforts Camping Gear

Right now, most of us seem to be camped out in front of all the Olympics coverage – but once the Games are over, you’ll have about a month left to get in a summer camping trip. Or at the very least, a sleep-out in the backyard. And whether you’re all gathered around a roaring campfire in the great outdoors or pitching tents on your back lawn, a few luxe accessories, makes the night feel just a bit more special.

This Etsy 4 for Friday I’ve rounded up a few chic camping essentials that will only add to the enjoyment of a night under the stars:

Looking at these Vintage Kerosene Lantern brings back a flood of memories from my childhood. We had a pair of similar lamps and every camping trip I looked forward to the moment it was dark enough to light the lanterns – it meant a campfire, ghost stories and snacks were coming soon! These bright blue vintage Dietz lanterns would look fab in a backyard patio. They’re in good working order, and have been cleaned and polished – but still retain a bit of rust and shabby charm. $43.95 each

I love the cheeriness of this Vintage Coleman Tote Bag which pulls double duty as four seating cushions! The sunny, yellow and white, cotton tote unzips on both sides, opening up to reveal four stadium style seating pads. Brilliant. This retro bag shows some signs of aging, but is free of stains, scents and damage.$27

An outdoor dinner can only taste yummier when cooked with this 1940s TOAS-TITE Sandwich Maker. Fire up a grilled cheese, or any sandwich, into tasty, toasty treats with this mid-century camping classic. And this magical appliance can also be used to whip up toasty little pies for desert! It’s in “great working condition” and can be used over a fire or the stove top at home. $28

Always make sure a cocktail or two is possible, no matter how much you’re “roughing it.” This Plaid Mod Deer Flask will fit right in around a campfire or inside a cabin in the woods. The flask features a modern dear silhouette handcrafted by the graphic designer creator and is available with a red or gray plaid background.

Readers – what creature comforts do you pack on a camping trip?

Tyna, co-founder and co-editor of wht, worries about becoming a crazy cat lady, reads at least a book a week, checks in at a Flyers fan forum every morning and is forever (some say obsessively) organizing her closets and drawers.

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Written by Tyna Werner


    1. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
      Tyna Werner

      I really love those kerosene lanterns too @lipglossandspandex – even though I’m not sure I would actually take them on a camping trip (me + traveling with flame-able liquides doesn’t sound promising) but they would be so great on a patio or balcony.

  1. Profile photo of krista

    I have a confession to make: The only camping I ever did was at Girl Scout camp the summer before 5th grade and again during the summer before 8th grade on a school trip. Both times were…okay. Okay, maybe “hellacious” is probably more accurate. I just wasn’t raised outdoorsy, but I desperately want to be–I once begged for a tent when I was 6–that I set up my shiny new tent for a few nights in my fenced backyard when I was a little kid. Then it rained and got moved into the living room. Then it got thrown out because my parents didn’t want a tent in their living room. Fresh Prince was right, parents just don’t understand. *sigh*
    The hubs and I are considering doing some camping before it gets cold up here in New England and have actually found places where you can even pan for gold, so I’m kind of looking forward to camping as an adult and without being supervised by teachers or troop leaders.
    I imagine I will probably take a ton of booze and bug spray–I mean, that’s really all you need in the wilderness, right? And maybe some bear repellent?

  2. Profile photo of spitfire77

    Love those lanterns too @tyna! I am not a huge outdorsey person either, even though hubby loves it. I mean, I like campfires and s’mores and starry nights, but I DON’T like bugs or the whole relieving yourself in a hole aspect of it…definitely not a fan of that! : ).

  3. Profile photo of Amanda

    Ooh, that’s a cute flask! Admittedly, my creature comforts when camping largely include alcohol and various snacks, haha! And I ALWAYS bring baby wipes and a good scratchy towel. Sometimes feeling just a little cleaner can make even the roughin’est camping trip just that much easier.

    1. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
      Tyna Werner

      Good call @amanda – moist towelettes of every variety – baby wipes, makeup removers, Shout wipes, individual leftover hand wipes from take out places, etc – are my bath & beauty basics on a camping trip!

  4. Profile photo of Kellie

    I love all of the camping nostalgia stuff lately! It reminds me of the awesome Wes Anderson movie Moonlight Kingdom!! The sets were AMAZING!! And yes, the lanterns are to die for. And love the sandwich maker, it reminds me of pizza sandwiches around the camp fire at Girl Scout camp. Memories!!!

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