Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Smoothing Body Towel review

Why should faces have all the Alpha Beta fun?

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I’ve got a well documented love of Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Peels (both the
original and extra strength versions). My bathroom is never without them, these little pads from the skincare gods. They’re the product I turn to first when my skin is acting up, making them one of my top two holy grail skincare items.

AlphaBetaBody1 Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Smoothing Body Towel review

So I let out a hearty huzzah when I saw that the good dermatologist was releasing
Alpha Beta Smoothing Body Towels%name Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Smoothing Body Towel review ($36 for 8). Could these make the rest of my skin as happy as their counterpart makes my face?

The textured towels, a little over five inches square, are loaded with ingredients to treat all sorts of body unmentionables. Allow me to mention them!

• Glycolic and Mandelic Acid exfoliates and tones any area that could be smoother or firmer (that’s my whole body)

• Salicylic and Azelaic Amino Acid treats chest, back and hiney breakouts (yep, I said hiney)

• AHAs and Witch Hazel targets Keratosis Pilaris (the dreaded chicken skin)

AlphaBetaBody4 Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Smoothing Body Towel review

So, do they work? Why yes, they do! I used these for the two weeks prior to my vacation and I left for my trip absolutely blemish and bump free. And my skin looked and felt smoother and overall brighter. I can’t say I noticed any toning, but that’s a feat that will no doubt take longer than two weeks.

My only complaint? While I have no problem dropping the money for the Alpha Beta Face products, $36 for eight body towels causes me to pause. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still buy these. Especially to prep for a trip or big event (like I did). I have a feeling if I used them on a weekly basis though, I’d go through them faster than me or my wallet would like.

While they haven’t cemented a place next to their sister product on my Holy Grail list, I’d still recommended keeping a box on hand to fight any body freak outs that may flare up. Because, you know they do…


Stef is many things. Amongst them: co-editor of we heart this, graphic designer, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie.

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  1. Profile photo of irene

    A Body Towelnow! That sounds perfect for me right now too. I love Dr. Dennis Gross’ alpha Beta peels, all in one tinted moisturizers and sunblock pads- and I’m sure going to want to try his new Smoothing Body Towel – gotta get me some of them! Bad English, but you know how I talk when I get excited about something!

  2. Profile photo of Mel

    This is one of those times when I really wish I was rich and could afford to keep all those unsightly body blemishes at bay! You know this has got to be outstanding with as miraculously as the face pads work. If I could afford it I’d have my bathroom cabinet filled with these – I trust they are that good.

  3. Profile photo of Marilyn

    OUCH the price is definitely a little high, but I must admit that I get pretty desperate right before vacations, trying to get my legs looking smooth and free of irritation/bumps/etc. And I will probably justify buying these before my honeymoon next summer…

  4. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I became a true believer in Dr. Gross’s ALpha beta Peels thanks to @Stef and her complete obsession with them. She’s been head over heels for them since her first try and still uses them regularly (and coincidentally she has fab skin!). She even will use some of her hard earned cash to buy them – quite a statement as the co-editor of a makeup site.

    I didn’t try these body towels but if they can do for the arms, legs and chest, what the originals due for the face, I’m adding them to my Sephora shopping list!
    Tyna recently posted..etsy 4 for Friday – the scent of autumn

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