Work Out (Or Run Errands) Like a Princess

Gym Fashion Dilemma? Ask Yourself “What Would Kate Wear?”

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Kate Middleton has filled her “21st century princess” shoes flawlessly. Every time I see photos of her, from going to the grocery store to walking the red carpet, she looks put together and event appropriate.

Confession: When I go shopping, I think “What Would Kate Wear (WWKW)?”

Why? Because her outfits are timeless. Like Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Jackie O, and Audrey Hepburn, people are going to look back at her face, her figure, and her style and go “Wow, that’s beautiful!” There’s a reason every fashion magazine wants her on the cover and when she wears something it sells out immediately.

This summer, Duchess Kate, like the rest of us peons, caught Olympic fever. She was at more events than any other royal and even in the stands at a sporting event, she looked stylish. So I used her look a starting point to put together a gym outfit (I know the Olympics inspired me to tone up my thighs!)

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Kate integrated her team spirit into comfortable yet chic outfits. Yoga pants are my go-to work out pants. The bell bottoms balance hips and tush visually and the long, sleek black line really lengthens the leg, giving the illusion you have amazing gams like the Duchess (sorry Fergie, your title has been revoked!) Polka dots on the tank add a cute, feminine touch and the red sneakers are a pop of color in a universally flattering place (and hides your toes if you’re as behind on your pedicures as I am).

The large tote is a great investment piece and will carry you through many seasons. It’ll give you a chic place to carry your protein bar, water bottle, iPod, towel, and whatever else you need to get your cardio on. These work out socks are a luxury item I am dying to slip over my toes. These have aloe vera and vitamin E in them that make your feet look and feel better as you wear them. Um…YES! Finally, a union jack on the sweatshirt gives a little wink at the Olympics and gives appreciation for what a great job Great Britain did as hosts.

Kate is a big fan of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara, as am I. For a workout, tinted moisturizer, lip balm, and mascara keep your skin light and fresh and won’t drip off your face. (If you’ve ever been to Alabama and you’ve seen a true Southern Belle exercise, you know what I mean).

Minimal accessories like small studs and an aluminum water bottle to keep you hydrated are all you need to finish the look. The sunnies protect your eyes as you enter and exit and drive around while doing royal errands. But, please don’t wear sunglasses IN the gym – I’ve seen a number of people doing that at my gym recently and I can’t even begin to describe how silly it looks!

Kate’s look is finished off with her oh-so-chic confidence. Topping your look off with confidence will keep you in style all season, every season.

Readers – do you dress to impress even when working out?

Roya is a dachshund mom, sushi eating, theatre manager whose body runs on coffee, wine, and club soda. When not trying to break into the field of casting, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, cheering on the Crimson Tide and her alumnus The Seminoles, and trying to cook healthy. She is eternally on the quest for a more fit body, the perfect foundation and a great pair of heels!

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    Great post @repippin! Kate always looks cute. I know they are super hyped, but I love love love my lululemon pants. I was lucky and purchased them 3 pairs (and they are super cute – not ugly markdown styles haha) a couple years ago on sale. They feel so good on. Other than that I wear a cotton tee and sports bra. As far as footwear, I dont’ do a whole lot of exercise, just yoga, and shoes aren’t required so that is nice :)

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