etsy 4 for Friday – Black Cats

Etsy Black Cats etsy 4 for Friday –  Black Cats

As a child, my first cat was a sweet black bundle of fur we named Magic. So it’s no surprise that I always loved the abundance of black cat themed decorations during the Halloween season. While many of these cat decorations were supposed to be scary, I knew better. Black cats are the best! This week’s 4 for Friday is for my fellow black cat (and Halloween) loving friends:

This striking print entitled “Bats in the Belfry” comes from the artist’s original oil on canvas painting and would fabulous framed and on your wall this season. It measures 12 by 16 inches and is printed on archival quality Kodak Endura paper. $22

This set of Mid Century Ceramic Black Cats can add some magic to your Halloween decor – and would look at home all year round as well. The vintage pair of shiny, sleek kitties have have bold green eyes and stand about 11 inches.

All right, how cute is this Girls Black Cat Dress? If you know a kitty loving girl, this would make the beginnings of a great Halloween costume (and just try to keep her from wearing it every day). This adorable, handmade A-line dress is created with European cotton corduroy and features an applique cat face yoke, paw pockets with felt claws and a tiny silver cat bell on the front. $60

Readers know I love all things gift wrapping, and these Retro Halloween Black Cat Tags would add lots of fun to an October birthday gift or tied to a Halloween party favor bag. These tags are printed on Kraft cardstock and accented with twine ties. $5

Readers – have you ever had a black cat as part of your household?

Tyna, co-founder and co-editor of wht, worries about becoming a crazy cat lady, reads at least a book a week, checks in at a Flyers fan forum every morning and is forever (some say obsessively) organizing her closets and drawers.

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    That painting is awesome! And one of my friends has those black ceramic cats sitting at the entrance of her garden. :)

    I have a wonderful black cat name Wally. He is the epitome of a scarredy cat! Any little noise will make him run and hide under the bed. Luckily he comes when I call his name, so it doesn’t take long for him to come back and sit in my lap. :)

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      Tyna Werner

      Awww @Cori – Wally (love the name) sounds like a sweetheart! My black cat, Giles, will come when I call him too – my friends are always amazed at this “trick” – they think only dogs will come on demand. And Giles is always wanting to sit on my lap – he’s here right now as I type this – must be a black kitty trait!

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