Nutrisystem Week Twenty Nine – Christie’s success story

Nutri chris Nutrisystem Week Twenty Nine   Christies success story This is my favorite Nutrisystem success story yet! Christie’s interview is FILLED with motivational advice (which is exactly what I need right now). Whether you’re on the plan or not, her journey offers a lot of inspiration.

we heart this: What was your total weight loss? Was it more or less than your goal?

Christie: My original goal was to squeak under 140 pounds for first time in many years. When I hit 139, I decided to go for 135 pounds which I hadn’t seen in decades. I was quite shocked when I hit 132. I’m still surprised how easy it was to achieve and to remain within my self-proscribed maintenance range of 131 – 133 pounds.

How long were you on the plan? Are you still on Nutrisystem now?

I began in October 2010 and it took me approximately 15 weeks to lose my first 20 pounds. After maintaining for about six months, I dropped another 4 pounds in four weeks. I still use some of the Nutrisystem foods during maintenance because they are extremely convenient, affordable and delicious.

How did you decide to sign up for Nutrisystem? Did you have an “ah-ha” sort of moment where you decided it was time to lose weight?

Although I was in good health and exercised regularly, I knew I wasn’t looking or feelingmy best. After watching my golf instructor lose weight, I asked him if I could try one of his Cheese Puffs during a lesson. One puff was all it took – I drove home and called Nutrisystem.

What were/are your favorite Nutrisystem meals?

The Cheese Puffs were my favorite snack from day one. My other favorites are blueberry muffins, chocolate chip scones, vanilla protein shakes, breakfast burrito, trail mix bars (I ordered 200 during the 50% off sale), all the frozen lunches (just had the tacos – yummy), Turkey Pepperoni pizzas, Butternut Squash Ravioli, Arroz con Pollo, Whole Wheat Ricotta Crepes, Fire Roasted Red Pepper, Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Sandwich Cookies and the Ice Cream Sandwiches.

What food did you miss the most, and did you find substitutions for it while you were on the program?

I have never felt deprived because Nutrisystem offers all my favorite foods in a healthy version. I gained weight eating pizza, burritos, snack foods, etc. Thanks to Nutrisystem, I easily lost weight eating all the same foods. How cool is that?

Were you scared to go back to “real” food? Can you give us some tips that worked for you with transitioning?

I never worried about “real” food during weight loss. I focused on reaching goal and decided to worry about maintenance when the time came. Nutrisystem’s Simple Success cookbook is awesome for transitioning back to real food. The recipes are easy to prepare and quite tasty, too!

During weight loss, I took the time to really learn about proper nutrition and portion sizes. I listened to my body and if it needed more protein or carbohydrates after an intense workout, I fed it. I have eaten more fresh fruits and vegetables since joining Nutrisystem than I had in the prior 10 years combined.

Maintenance can be a tricky road and each person needs to search deep to discover clear expectations and realities of his/her new life. While I’m perfectly willing to live a healthy lifestyle, I wasn’t willing to give up all my favorite not-so-healthy foods / drinks for life. I follow the NS plan very closely Monday – Friday using NS foods and the flex guidelines. On the weekends, I eat and drink whatever I want in moderation. This approach works for me very well. And on Mondays, I am always happy to go right back to healthy eating and living.

As the term “location, location, location” is to real estate, so is “moderation, moderation, moderation” to maintenance. Deprivation is not a theory that would ever work for me. I must be able to enjoy all my favorite foods in moderation.

How has your life changed now that you’ve lost weight? What do you enjoy doing more now?

Nutrisystem has changed my life in so many unexpected ways. Of course, I expected to lose weight and feel great. But, I never imagined making incredible friendships through the online boards. The support has been amazing and I feel an obligation to continue to pay it forward to the newbies.

I no longer exercise to erase my nutritional sins. (How many of us are guilty of that? I know I am! ~Stef) Now, every minute of exercise goes towards improving my body. You can’t outrun a bad diet and I’m sorry that it took me so long to figure that out.

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in three Nutrisystem photo shoots, an infomercial with Marie Osmond and appearing twice on QVC for Nutrisystem. Each of these experiences has boosted my confidence to unimaginable levels. So much, in fact, that I was able to compete on ABC’s Wipeout. I never would have done that without Nutrisystem!

I am in the process of becoming a licensed personal trainer and my certification test is only a few months away. I have always been interested in personal training, but didn’t want to be a hypocrite by telling my clients to eat healthy if I wasn’t willing to do so myself. Now that my eating is on plan, I’m ready to help other people drastically improve their lives.

Eat healthy, train daily, keep a wining attitude, and you will succeed with Nutrisystem!

Thanks so much for the words of wisdom, Christie!

Weekly weigh in
Week twenty nine loss: 1 lb
Weight loss so far: 22 lbs
End weight: 173 lbs

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    While I don’t tend to use exercise to “erase” nutritional sins, I *do* use it to excuse them! It’s just as bad, I know.
    I love reading all of these motivational stories from Nutrisystem users! It makes the whole system seem that much more approachable and “real.” And I love seeing your continued success @Stef ! Maybe we’ll catch you on QVC someday? ;)

  2. Profile photo of irene

    Great news.. Down 22 pounds, that’s just plain awesome @stef!
    Proper diet is key as is exercise.. I have been learning that too. I have also learned it’s all about balance.
    Here’s to all your hard work and commitment to success! :)

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