Benefit Holiday 2012 – High Flyin’ Glosses Review

This set is a ticket to paradise for Ultra Plush Lip Gloss fans!

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If you have a lip gloss lover on your list this holiday season, here’s a gift to leave them sky high with glee! Let Benefit%name Benefit Holiday 2012   High Flyin Glosses Review add some joy to the season by gifting their Limited Edition High Flyin’ Glosses Set %name Benefit Holiday 2012   High Flyin Glosses Reviewfor Holiday 2012. This sweet scented set contains six adorable mini tubes of their coveted Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in every available shade.

BenefitHighGloss3 Benefit Holiday 2012   High Flyin Glosses Review

Of course, if you would rather gift yourself with this collection, who am I to argue? At just $26, it’s an affordable present to stuff into your stocking without feeling any quilt.

As a Benefit lover that has yet to try their latest glosses, I was thrilled to get my hands on this set. Tucked inside the cute pink package are six mini sized tubes of Ultra Plush Lip Glosses%name Benefit Holiday 2012   High Flyin Glosses Review, three cremes and three shimmers, that correspond with Benefit’s celebrated Box of Powder face shades .

BenefitHighGloss5 Benefit Holiday 2012   High Flyin Glosses ReviewCoralista, Dallas, Bella Bamba, Hoola, Sugarbomb, Dandelion

You (or your giftee) will never be without the perfect gloss color with these…

Coralista – sheer light coral
Dallas – medium warm pink nude
Bella Bamba – bright yellow-based watermelon pink

Hoola – peach nude with gold and peach shimmer
Sugarbomb – medium dusty pink
Dandelion – light pearly pink

BenefitHighGloss8 Benefit Holiday 2012   High Flyin Glosses Review

These glosses give a super sheer hint of color, and true to most Benefit products are flattering to practically any skin skin tone. These are the perfect tubes to stash in a purse or pocket for on the go color – no mirror required.

BenefitHighGloss9 Benefit Holiday 2012   High Flyin Glosses Review

Beyond the cute little tubes (everything seems better in mini size!), the packaging bonuses include a slant tip applicator for easy glossing and a soft, squeezable shell that allows you to dispense the perfect dollop of color. Each gloss is softly scented with sweet, slightly tangy, fruit punch-like scent that I enjoy – but it fades fairly quickly for the fragrance adverse.

But it’s the formula of the Ultra Plush High Flyin’ Glosses %name Benefit Holiday 2012   High Flyin Glosses Review that put me over the moon. These glosses glide on like a dream; super smooth, almost creamy in feel, without a hint of stickiness. They’re also moisturizing on my lips, leaving them soft and supple and not in desperate need of a balm after a few hours of wear.

BenefitHighGloss6 Benefit Holiday 2012   High Flyin Glosses ReviewA closer look at the cremes: Coralista, Dallas and Bella Bamba

BenefitHighGloss7 Benefit Holiday 2012   High Flyin Glosses ReviewAnd the shimmers: Hoola, Sugarbomb, Dandelion

I love each and every one of these shades, but my faves are the punchy Coralista (finally, a coral I can wear!) and the dusty rose shimmer of Sugarbomb. For once in my life I’m going to reach the end of a tube of gloss – and then I plan on running out and picking these two up in their full size versions.

Smooth, non-sticky formula
Sheer, flattering colors
Adorable packaging
Nicely priced and a great way to try all six Ultra Plush Gloss hues

You’ll have a hard time gifting this and will wind up keeping it for yourself!
Seriously, I have no cons with this set

Readers – are you jetting to your local Sephora to pick up Benefit’s High Flyin’ Glosses set?

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Written by Tyna Werner


  1. Profile photo of turboterp

    I can’t think of any gloss-lover who wouldn’t go insane over this gift set, @tyna ! Benefit’s glosses are really nice, and I can’t imagine the happiness of receiving all of these at once. The mini-sized tubes are so cute, and handy, too. Perfect gift!

  2. Profile photo of kari

    Benefit is killin’ it in the gift set field! They do a great job of creating smart little sets to expose people to a variety of their products and this one looks perfect! They have great lipglosses and I can also attest to the Coralista. That is one fun lipgloss with a nice spark of color!

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