The Christmas Tree – YouTube Classic

We trimmed the tree at Tyna’s house this weekend which means one thing – nonstop quoting of this John Roberts’ YouTube classic. We have watched this video no less than 2,000 times and it somehow NEVER gets old and makes us laugh EVERY time. Watch and I dare you not to quote it every Christmas for the rest of your life!

What YouTube clip cracks you up? Put the link in your comment and it will be embedded there for all of us to see!

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    Oh man, I felt like I was home in New Jersey! That was down right hillarious! Such a nice tree! You know i’ll be saying that whenever I can and shouldn’t either! :) Thanks for the laugh! I sure needed that!

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    Tyna Werner

    Giles (the black cat in my avatar) is so happy the tree is up – he loves to sit underneath it all day long. Every time I walk into the living room and see him there I say “Do me a favor and get away from the tree”. And then laugh to myself. Every. Single. Time.

    It may be more for the East Coast types, but this video never fails to crack me up.
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    Tyna Werner

    By the way, this video is one of those things that may not seem funny at first, but gets more funny on repeated views. I smiled the first time I watched it, but it got better and better with each viewing.

    And if the voice sounds familiar, the actor John Roberts is also the voice of Linda on Bob’s Burgers (I think these self made videos led to that gig). Here’s my very favorite of his videos:

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