How to Wear Pantone’s Color of the Year: Emerald

It’s easy being green!

pantone 2013 coty How to Wear Pantones Color of the Year: Emerald

Have you heard the news? Pantone has announced that emerald is the Color of the Year for 2013, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a simply stunning hue. I love the boldness of the gem tone, the drama of a deep green, and the simple elegance of emerald.

All of these qualities also make it a bit tricky to work into your wardrobe (though I’d argue slightly easier than last year’s tangerine). When looking to make a new statement, think small. I always think it’s best to do so through accent pieces, bags, and accessories.

Here are my top picks for a smooth transition to emerald:

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• Leather shopper – A big bag is a must-have for the on-the-go girl. Swap out your traditional camel or black for one with a bright emerald tone.

• Clutch – Let’s face it, in the cold winter months, it is tough to look fashionable and cute with your giant parka. For the evenings, an emerald clutch will add a great focal point for your girls’ night or date outfit — floor-length coat and all.

• Statement Necklace – Jewelry is the best way to make a statement. Look for a big, bold necklace in emerald with some gold or silver to match your style.

• Earrings – Sometimes all an outfit calls for is a killer pair of earrings. Snag a pair of drop earrings and gather your hair in a chic topknot.

• Belt – A belt is another great way to work some color into your outfit, especially for the office.

• Shoes – Adding a pop of color through your shoes is always an unexpected touch. A simple jeans-and-tee outfit can be punched up with some emerald flats.

• Home Decor – Nervous about taking the gemstone plunge too soon? A set of emerald coasters is the perfect on-trend accent piece for the home!

Whether you go big or small with the color of the year, it’s always important to incorporate color with your traditional style in mind. And for those of you who look great in green, go nuts!

Readers — what do you think of next year’s ‘it’ color?

Marissa is a public relations professional by day and jewelry designer and entrepreneur by night. She has an affinity for creativity and inspiring style and loves writing, reading, and being in the sun.

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    I love the earrings and the flats! Nail polish and eyeliner are good easy ways to incorporate emerald if you’re a little nervous about bright colors. A basic mani, or emerald french tips could be cute and trendy. Emerald liner on the top or bottom lashline, paired with neutral shadow, is easy and fun too :)

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