Relogy acne skincare line, review coming soon…

Relogy Relogy acne skincare line, review coming soon...

One of our testers is hard at work as I type, testing the Relogy line for acne. They promise fast results without the usual drying of typical acne products thanks to their use of natural ingredients (like a moisturizer with coconut milk, yum!) I’m excited to hear about the results. Stay tuned…

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    Cannot wait to hear the results.. I have a friend that has a young daughter with horrible acne… She doesn’t know which way to turn.. Some treatments offered are too taxing on your liver.. hoping this may be a route for her to try.. Sounds like really good stuff..

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    I can’t wait to hear more! My acne is worse than ever post baby but I know that everything I put on my skin has the potential to get to him (there’s a whole lot of snuggling going on, LOL). I’d love to hear about natural alternatives to the typical acne regimen, especially if it works!

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