How To: Make your own Red Heels

Flash a bit of red and save A LOT of green with this DIY

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With last month’s DIY involving a lot of sewing (the Winterized Headband), I thought I would make a DIY that is accessible to everyone, sewing machine or not! This one is very simple and what’s even better is that you can purchase most of the supplies at your local dollar store.

This DIY is great for those who have all those shoes in the back of your closet that you just can’t seem to throw away and need a little love to be wearable again. This simple How-To will have you wearing those old faves in no time.


RedHeels2A How To: Make your own Red Heels

Paint Brush
White Acrylic Paint – for the base
Red Acrylic Paint – or any color of your choosing
Clear spray lacquer/paint
Old pair of shoes


RedHeels3A How To: Make your own Red Heels

1. Flip your shoes over and pour a bit of white paint on to the sole of your shoe. Slowly brush the paint all over the bottom of the shoe, covering the whole sole. (Painting the sole white first will help make your final color pop.)

RedHeels4A How To: Make your own Red Heels

2. Let this base coat dry. Once the white has dried, repeat step one with your second color. I ended up doing two coats of red, to eliminate any streaking marks in the paint.

Tip: If you are not comfortable painting free hand, use painters tape around the edges of your shoes. Once the shoes are fully dried you can remove the tape.

RedHeels5 How To: Make your own Red Heels

3. Let shoes dry. Finally, for longer lasting color, spray a clear lacquer over your paint color.

Option: Try a bright neon color for that extra bit of pop!

Confession Time Readers – How many pairs of “seen better days” shoes are in the back of YOUR closet?

Jenelle is a DIY fashion blogger from Canada who’s believes you can be fashionable while staying on a budget. Traveling the world, meeting Justin Timberlake and attending Fashion Week are just a few things on her bucket list. Check out her blog, Nelle Creations for tips on how to wear this new Ombre style!

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