Back to the 80’s! The Top 8 Fashion Picks Inspired by The Carrie Diaries

WHT Carrie Back to the 80s! The Top 8 Fashion Picks Inspired by The Carrie Diaries

As a child of the 80’s, I am super excited to see the fashion looks on The Carrie Diaries, the new CW drama-dy that is a prequel to Sex and the City. Costume Designer Eric Daman (who was also the man behind the looks on the very fashionable Gossip Girl) has given a teenage Carrie Bradshaw such fun outfits – dressing her with pieces that you can buy and wear today.

Did you know that Eric gathered inspiration for the show by watching lots of John Hughes movies? Makes perfect sense. And since fashion trends seem to always recycle themselves, I can totally see myself wearing most of Carrie’s outfits. I found 8 pieces inspired by looks from The Carrie Diaries – and they come with wallet-friendly price tags!

wht carrie diaries2 Back to the 80s! The Top 8 Fashion Picks Inspired by The Carrie Diaries

1. Bow Tie Blouse – You can find these vintage or brand new in tons of fun colors and patterns. Tuck it into a black pencil skirt – or a leather/pleather one for a more modern feel – and you’ve got a cute office outfit. (Tinley Road/Piperlime $59)

2. Lower Case Initial Necklace – On the show, Carrie wears a signature gold “c” pendant. A lower case letter is such a fun spin on the monogram trend. (Whimsees $59)

3. Knit Beret – A slouchy knit beret is more for fashion than function, but it looks good and hides a bad hair day! (Target $9.99)

4. Classic Trench – This is a timeless piece that will never go out of style and looks good on everyone. (L.L. Bean $129)

5. Colored Denim Jacket – Colored denim is so hot right now, I’m not surprised at all that she rocked this green number “in the 80’s”. (Old Navy $24.97)

6. Sequin Party Dress – I love how Carrie pairs a party dress with a casual bright jacket. It’s not over the top but still very fun. (Rare/ASOS $149.09)

7. Multicolored Scarf – This gives personality to any basic jacket or top. It’s so easy to wear too – just tie it on and go! (Michael Stars/Piperlime $48)

8. Black Cap Toe Heels – The cap toe detail has made a huge comeback in the last year and now I see it on everything! I like the simple yet stylish look of a black patent cap toe on a black leather shoe. (GoMax/Lulu’s $46)

Readers – What were your favorite looks from the 80’s?

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    So has anyone watched the show? It’s actually really cute and funny. It’s a lovely addition to my TiVo recordings list. AnnaSophia Robb is an awesome young Carrie and has some great looks aside from the ones above…fun patterned sweaters and mix and match cuteness.

    1. Profile photo of mandabear

      Oddly enough, colored jean bottoms are more common and I see a lot of that everywhere. Girls here in NYC love cobalt blue and red jeans for some reason. I think it’s easier to match and also very widely available at many retailers. :)

  2. Profile photo of Amanda

    Alright, I’m digging the colored denim trend but I need some tips on how to pull it off! My job is pretty casual, so I think I could wear them in the office but I’m just not sure how. I tend towards more classic styling rather than trendy, so maybe it’s just my fear that’s holding me back. Maybe a colored denim jacket will help ease me into it…

    1. Profile photo of mandabear

      If you gravitate towards dark or basic colors, get a bold blue one or a red one…maybe even a hunter green.That way it’s not a blast of color in your face but a step up from the classic denim blue. I personally love light colored denim and I think pastel colors are very cool when it comes to denim. I love lavender and yellow!

      Denim jackets are great over casual outfits but I love them best over girly dresses with the sleeves rolled up casually to the elbow.

      Another option: moto styled denim jackets. They have the larger, open collar and have just a bit more flare to them. That style may be a bit better for work!

  3. Profile photo of spitfire77

    This is being added to my TiVo as we speak! SNL did a spoof last weekend on the Carrie Diaries, except it was the cast of Soprano’s back in high school… It was hilarious! (Not to mention Adam Levine hosted and took his shirt off, which was a nice treat also) : )

    I want to do a bold color denim but I’m not sure I can pull it off…

    1. Profile photo of mandabear

      I heard they did a spoof on Catfish as well! (another show I’m addicted to haha) I’ll have to try to watch it soon.

      With colored denim I think it’s a mix of what looks good on you style-wise and color-wise. For instance, I wore a pair of neon green jeans on Halloween (for no reason actually because I didn’t have a costume – Just thought it was a suitable time) and the color just made everything look wider. So just go with what you already know, what colors and silhouettes already look good, and go from there :)

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