How To: DIY Collar Necklace

Why pay for the latest ‘it’ fashion statement? Make your own!

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Everywhere I look, fashion magazines and bloggers are all over the Collar Necklace trend. I love the look, but as a budget shopper, I am having a hard time handing over $20 for something so simple. So this month, I decided to create my own – and share with all you lovely readers how to make one for yourself. It’s so easy!

DIYcollar2 How To: DIY Collar Necklace

Old dress shirt
Thread ripper
Thread and needle or sewing machine
Sew on snaps (like these available at Vogue Fabrics)
Optional: Additional accessories like sequins, buttons, gems etc.

DIYcollar3 How To: DIY Collar Necklace

1. Using the thread ripper, carefully rip off the collar of the dress shirt.

DIYcollar4 How To: DIY Collar Necklace
DIYcollar5 How To: DIY Collar Necklace

2. Once the collar is ripped off, the one edge will be rough. Using a sewing machine (or by hand) fold the rough edge and sew it down. (When you are done sewing, it should look nice and clean as shown in the image above.)

DIYcollar6 How To: DIY Collar Necklace

3. Sew on the snaps as shown above. Place one half on the inside of the collar, and one on the outside.

4. Last but not least, decorate and accessorize your new collar anyway you want. As you can see below, I went with sequins.

DIYcollar7 How To: DIY Collar Necklace

Tip: When adding accessories to your collar, make sure to use a glue that will dry clear.

To add a bit of “you” to the project, try using gems, buttons or beads in your favorite colors and/or styles.

Readers – Are you rocking the collar necklace look this season?

Jenelle is a DIY fashion blogger from Canada who’s believes you can be fashionable while staying on a budget. Traveling the world, meeting Justin Timberlake and attending Fashion Week are just a few things on her bucket list. Check out her blog, Nelle Creations for more DIY fun!

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    You’ve got me hooked (very bad pun intended). I’m still flogging myself for not using the beads my mom bought me more than two decades ago to adorn my jeans. Your instructions are clear and concise. The possibilities here? Infinite! Sequins, colored beads, rhinestones–anything would work. You look adorable in this. Okay, my sewing kit is around here . . . somewhere . . . watch out when I find it!

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