Nuance Salma Hayek Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner – review

And a look at the Volumizing Mousse and Firm Hold Hairspray

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I am decidedly hair challenged. My hair is oily and baby fine. Curls don’t hold, bangs stick to my face. I’d just keep it in a ponytail forever if I could, but then my five-head just makes me look bald. Suffice it to say, I have to be very careful with my hair products since weighed down limp locks on a big face aren’t the best look.

Some hair products work for awhile, some don’t work at all. When I find something that works, I tend to stick with it until it doesn’t. Looks like I’m going to keep Nuance Salma Hayek hair products around for a bit, for more reasons than one.

Nuancehaircare2 Nuance Salma Hayek Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner   reviewCheck out the gorgeous packaging!

My first introduction to Nuance was at the we heart this and CVS hosted Nuance beauty bloggers party. What a kick in the pants to see such elegant looking products produced for a drugstore line. What a bigger thrill when I found these products are worthy of the package. This isn’t just another celebrity-name-dropping product endorsement, these products are really good. Billed as a beauty line that “combines science with exotic, natural ingredients and personal beauty secrets passed down through generations” – you can count me impressed.

While Nuance is an affordable line sold exclusively at CVS, no one spying in your shower cubby will ever be the wiser. I tried the Argan Oil Glossing Shampoo ($7.99) and matching Argan Oil Glossing Conditioner ($7.99), both in elegant, tall, crystal blue containers featuring the lovely line drawings of flora present on all Nuance packaging. I’d be a liar if I said good packaging sold me on a product (especially with my hair challenges), but I’d also be lying if I told you it didn’t help.

Nuancehaircare3 Nuance Salma Hayek Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner   review

Second, ingredients are important. Argan Oil is the hair care ingredient du jour and Nuance has it. Usually, I avoid any oil in my shampoos for obvious reasons but even I had jumped on the Argan Oil bandwagon recently after reading that it strengthens hair follicles and actually affects the way hair grows. In fact, I had switched from a high-end brand to a popular drugstore brand with Argan oil not so very long ago. Nuance surpasses that one; let me tell you why.

Foremost, the scent is fresh, fruity, floral and clean. This is how shampoo should smell. My last Argan oil shampoo (that I loved) had a heavier, musky scent. Nuance is far more appealing with its acai fruit and Passion flower oils. The conditioner smells a little sweeter (maybe it’s the coconut) but neither have a perfume-y scent that lingers past a head toss or two.

Nuancehaircare4 Nuance Salma Hayek Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner   review

The shampoo and conditioner both perform well. The shampoo produces a nice lather and rinses clean, while the conditioner is thick and rich enough to actually use less than I normally do. You see, while my fine hair is oily, it also tangles easily necessitating extra conditioning lest I want snaggled knots and broken hair shafts. Yes, it’s a vicious cycle but Nuance has dealt with it better than almost any product I recall having used – certainly any I’ve used recently. A nickel-size amount for my chin length hair is perfect. The glossing conditioner contains Argan, avocado, coconut and Passion flower oils.

So, after all that oil my hair should be limp, right? Well, yes, a little but not oily – just not voluminous. Kind of swingy and silky, actually.

Nuancehaircare5 Nuance Salma Hayek Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner   review

Lucky for me, Nuance has the awesome Lift & Shine Volumizing Mousse ($9.99). Again, packaging is consistently classy with the styling products housed in matte charcoal gray aluminum cans with flora in black silhouette. My only complaint with this packaging is more on the operational side – the nozzle stops working intermittently so that I have to fiddle with it. It happens with mousses.

Nuancehaircare6 Nuance Salma Hayek Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner   reviewThe unique mousse applicator

It’s not a deal-breaker. The foam is thick but applies light. When it dries, it does not flake and it is easy to comb through. The body is natural, not excessive, and the polymers and humectants in its formula adds shine and strength to my weak strands.

Which brings me to the most awesome of all the Nuance hair products I’ve tried, the Style & Finish Firm Hold Hairspray ($9.99). The scent matches that of the mousse and is a light floral musk. I emphasize light for I am not a fan of musk. There is no butane-y smell (like Aqua Net) or overly fruity/sweet smell (you know, like the ones that attract all the bees and hummingbirds when you walk down the street). Light and balanced, this won’t compete with your own perfume or offend the nose.

Nuancehaircare7 Nuance Salma Hayek Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner   reviewthat’s one gimongous hair spray!

As far as performance, this hairspray is tops. My hair stayed put but didn’t look stiff or feel sticky. Best of all, when I changed my mind about part placement or styling whatnot, it was easy to brush through and do again. The hairspray also enhances its shine rather than mattifying, as is often the case with firm hold sprays.

All in all, Salma Hayek’s Nuance hair products are beautifully presented and are great performers, just like their namesake. Even those of us born with less than stellar movie star hair can fake it. Thanks, Salma.

Readers – have you tried any Nuance Salma Hayek for CVS products? What are your favorites?

Sherri is co-author of What Would You Do With This Room?%name Nuance Salma Hayek Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner   review My 10 Foolproof Commandments to Great Interior Design, and of course, a wht writer!

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  1. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    Thanks for the review, @sherrishera! I’ve been curious about the Nuance hair care line, but I’ve never checked it out. I’ll have to see what they have going on for curly, coarse hair…
    And you know, somehow, I KNEW these would smell good. Sometimes you can just tell by the packaging; you look at it and go, “I bet that smells awesome.” :-)

  2. Profile photo of Amanda

    Mousse and hairspray are mainstays in my hair routine, making it all to easy to end up in crunchy/flaky territory. I’ve yet to find my holy grail products, and your review has me thinking I NEED to try Nuance! I have some CVS Extra Bucks kicking around just begging to be spent, I think I know how I’m going to do that!

  3. Profile photo of gigi

    Once again, enjoyed your review tremendously! I’m a firm believer in Argan Oil, but I have tried brands which left my hair feeling heavy and over-treated. I’m ready to give it another chance with Nuance . . . And I have to admit that, although one of my degrees is in marketing and I am consciously aware of what colors/designs will attract shoppers, I fall for the ploys anyway. Hey, hair products should look good on you and in your shower, right? Unfortunately, the line hasn’t reached our city yet. A well-known saying around here is that when the end of the world is about to come, move to Pittsburgh–you’ll have a few extra days of living!

  4. Profile photo of Mel

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting this review! I’ve been so impressed with the other Nuance products I’ve tried, and I love a good Argan oil product, so I’ve got to get myself to CVS to check this out. Does it say anything about being safe for color-treated hair? I’m about to spend another ridiculous amount of money for my next coloring and I’d hate to strip out the color prematurely as sometimes the drugstore products do to it, but I’ve been so impressed with this line, that I have a feeling it might be just fine. Glad to hear it works so well in general though – and I love the packaging of course and the smell of the products I’ve tried. Glad to hear also this has a better smell then some of the other argan oil goods out there. Great review!

    1. Profile photo of sherrishera

      Hmm…it doesn’t mention anything about color treated hair but it seems gentle. As far as the scent, I was thinking Argan Oil just had that heavy, perfumey musk-like scent…glad to know that’s not always the case (or can be mixed with other natural scents/oils that mitigate that odiferousness).

  5. Profile photo of Marilyn

    I tested the Nuance Glossing shampoo and conditioner, with Argan Oil. I do agree that the bottles and design are just so pretty! The price is a bit high for a drugstore product, especially because the bottle seems small to me. The scent of the products seems rather ordinary–a little sweet, a little floral, soapy. The lather of the shampoo is nice, but I found it to be average and a smidge drying. The conditioner made my hair a bit heavy. I honestly didn’t notice any increase in shine. Overall, I would say that they’re good products, but not great. 3.5 stars.

    @melinda–the second ingredient in the shampoo is Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate. Sulfates are great for creating lather, but bad for color treated hair because it strips out the dye. Nuance makes a Color Protect shampoo with honey, but it also has sulfates (sodium laureth sulfate is the second ingredient). I wouldn’t chance it.
    lipglossandspandex recently posted..Hard Candy CC Correction Creme

  6. Profile photo of lucylemonade

    Great review! I will have to pick up the Mousse and conditioner the next trip I make to CVS. I recently purchased Nuance BB Brightening Cream and I really love it. The fact that her stuff is cruelty-free is a big plus in my eyes. My hair is thin but has tons of fly-aways so I’m hoping this conditioner will help tame them without weighting it down.

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