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It’s Monday – time to play 3 things. This edition is all about pets; past, present and in your dreams!

First Pet: That would be Lothar and Susie, shown above with baby me. And as you can see, they LOVED me!

Current Pets: Ted and Mabel (my Boston Terriers, Mabel is deaf), Lou Lou (a white Pit Bull) and Charlie (a German Shorthair Pointer I found on the road in the rain).

Dream Pet: Goats! In my dreams I have multiple goats and a gourmet goat cheese business to boot.

How about you? Copy and paste and play 3 things with us!
First Pet:
Current Pets:
Dream Pet:

Stef is many things. Amongst them: co-editor of we heart this, graphic designer, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie.

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  1. Profile photo of sherrishera

    First Pet: Duke (a German Shepherd) and Trixie (a spaz)
    Current Pets: Barney, a supposed Poodle/Shih tsu/Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix…we shall see about this. I do think that now, no matter what, he we henceforth be referred to as my Pit and KaPoodle
    Dream Pet: The one I’ve got, the ones I’ve lost.

  2. Profile photo of Marilyn

    Aww, I love that picture of you with Lothar and Susie!

    First Pet: I’ve never had a pet of my own. As a little kid, my grandparents had an orange cat named Mousey, and my dad had a Black Lab mix mutt named Toby.
    Current Pets: Unfortunately, none. Unless you count the fish at the office.
    Dream Pet: A doggyyyyyyyy. Either or a rott, or a German Shepherd, or a pit bull. OR ALL OF THEM!!!! :D
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  3. Profile photo of turboterp

    First: A gentle collie named Gypsy.
    Current: It was just my trusty sidekick Zeus, 90 pounds of handsome, crazy Golden Retriever. Then, last winter, someone threw a puppy out of a car as I was driving down a busy street. When I jumped out and scooped her up, she snuggled right into my chest and that was that. Bella is some kind of “Baltimore mix”– maybe pit bull and boxer? Whatever she is, she’s beautiful and smart, and I love her with all my heart.
    Dream: I’d love to have a monkey that I could dress in cute little outfits and take to work with me.

    1. Profile photo of sherrishera

      My brothers and sister had monkeys. My siblings are a good deal older than me and, at the time, monkeys could be ordered from the Sears catalogue. So order they did and monkeys were dropped off by a truck an in a crate. Mom and dad didn’t have a clue.. Willy was before my time but I did share the house with Coco, a Spider Monkey I believe. I was young and they didn’t live very long. PA doesn’t have good monkey weather. Oh yes, they had clothes.

  4. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    SO CUTE!

    First Pet: Sheba, a temperamental lop-eared rabbit. She would pick up her food bowl in her mouth and throw it across her cage when she was hungry!

    Current Pets: Maggie, the Wonder Dog. Well, the Wonder part is mostly aspirational; she is a rescue dog so she took about a year to get over her shyness. She’s incredibly well-behaved, but doesn’t bark or know how to play. She also doesn’t know what to do with our 8 month old—he wants to touch her (and put her fur in his mouth) SO BADLY, but we keep him away! Poor girl doesn’t need to be traumatized any further… :-)

    Dream Pet: A Newfoundland, like Nanny in Peter Pan! But I live in Texas and it is HOT, I live in an apartment without enough room for a big dog AND they drool like crazy. Maybe when get a house with a yard….
    Also, I really enjoyed having a fish tank and I’d like to own a large one some day. Just when I have time to take care of it, they are STINKY.

  5. Profile photo of hao9703

    First Pet: I grew up with various pets. However, none of them were actually all mine. The first pet of my very down was a Harlequin Great Dane named Rex. (I am still devastated he is gone.)

    Current Pets: I have a rescue Harlequin Great Dane named Duke and a diluted orange tabby named Tubba. (He is a bit overweight and snores.)

    Dream Pet: There are so many good animal rescues -I wish I could do more.

  6. Profile photo of amity

    First: a chunky retriever mix that I named Rah (like the sun god–I was into mythology as a kid, haha)
    Current: Three rescues: a Shiba Inu named Downtown Foxxy Brown, a collie mix named Sugar (she came from Atlanta and her name is not my favorite, but we just kept it) and a cat named Miso.
    Dream: A roving pack of BIG dogs: St. Bernards, Great Pyrs, Newfies, and Bernese Mountains dogs. We had a Saint named Miles and a Pyr named Ella and they were the doggie loves of my life. Big dogs are so awesome.

  7. Profile photo of kari

    First: Misty, a charcoal gray poodle mix. I was really young when we had her, so I only have a few memories of her, but she was very sweet and mild mannered.

    Current: None. :( I don’t really have the time for a pet right now.

    Dream: Two cats that are best friends, a pug, a teddy bear hamster, and an octopus.

  8. Profile photo of gigi

    @stef, the expression on one of your dog’s faces is hysterical!

    First: Mickey, a charcoal-black, gentle, brilliant Cocker Spaniel given to me when I was three. After I learned that he didn’t like to be ridden as a horse, he and I became best friends until his passing thirteen years later.

    Current: Sophie, a beautiful Cockapoo mix who was badly abused. Our prior dogs Gabriel (amazing rust-colored Cocker) and Skittles (the sweetest Westie-mix) passed away, and we were desperate for a dog. So we rescued Sophie at the age of ten. She had been badly abused and found with most of her fur missing. Sophie lived in an animal officer’s home along with sixty other pets, receiving no attention. My husband and I adopted her and decided to give her the life she never had–she has truly blossomed in the last year with the love and attention she gets.

    Future: Lambs and goats! Every summer at county fairs I befriend at least one of each and wind up covered in slobber (no problem–I carry soap leaflets with me at all times). If I chose another occupation, it would be as a shepherdess, tenderly caring for an enormous herd of these!

  9. Profile photo of irene

    First Pet: “Bambi” A beautiful English Setter, shorthaired bird dog. She was a good Mommy too. She bred a nice litter (9) of puppies that I can even remember all their names! This is one of my most favorite childhood memories.
    Current Pets: How about last pet? We had a German Shepherd named, “Muffin” for 16 years.. Best dog on the planet.. Now, we have two Desert Tortoises, “Obbie and Doobie” still in hibernation/bermation, but not for much longer!
    Dream Pet: Horses, Cows, chickens’. Dream of owning a farm and lots of dogs of course!

  10. Profile photo of heather

    First of all, @Stef that picture is so ridiculously cute I almost burst from all of the cuteness!

    @sherrishera Monkeys?! Amazing! I had no idea you could order them once upon a time. Love that story.

    First Pet: A faux siamese cat named Bowtie and a golden retriever named Casey

    Current Pets: none (tear!)

    Dream Pet: An otter. I would also love a koala to carry around on my hip like a toddler. We’re dreaming here, right?

  11. Profile photo of Amanda

    First Pet: Duke, a mutt from the pound, and Tutu- my poor (grumpy, male) kitten that I named during a serious ballerina phase. Hey, I was 3!

    Current Pets: My Boston Terrier Frankie, my boxer/beagle mix Tucker, and my cats Oscar and Jojo. And we have three fish that one of our foster kids won at a local fair three years ago. THOSE THINGS WILL NEVER DIE. I’m not a big fish fan.

    Dream Pet: An elephant that stays the size of a dog! That, or a tiger. They look so cuddly and plush!

  12. Profile photo of glamazon56

    First Pet: An Afghan Hound named Charlotte who had a terrible sneeze and would play chase with me around our kitchen table.
    Current Pets: Winston a sleek and crazy tuxedo cat that I literally locked eyes with while driving down the street one day. I went back to get him and he was just sitting there waiting for me. He sleeps with both paws around my neck at night…and Pippa! an SPCA rescue who has not a mean bone in her body and loves to lounge on her back!
    Dream Pet: I go back and forth between a Chinese Crested or Teacup Yorkie AND a Dogue de Bordeaux (Turner and Hooch dog) or German Shepard…..lol I want a tiny dog to boss aroubd the big one!

    1. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
      Tyna Werner

      Awww! Winston sounds very much like my Giles @glamazon56! He’s a not-quite-but-working-on-it tuxedo cat (as seen in my profile pic) found by some friends alone in a bucket in a Hollywood front yard (again aww) and he sleeps tucked under my arm with his head on the pillow every night (triple aww).

  13. Profile photo of krista

    First Pet: Smokey, a grey dwarf rabbit. She hated everyone in my family but me and would sit on my shoulder like a parrot. She was awesome. I got her when I was in 7th grade and she was the first pet with fur I’d ever had. Up to that point it was lame ass goldfish or the ill-conceived attempt at owning salamanders my dad made–he put them in a giant fish tank with a bunch of fish, but didn’t leave them anyplace to sit outside of the water. So they escaped and went AWOL. We were finding dried up salamanders behind trash cans, chairs, under coffee tables…it was like the creepiest Easter egg hunt ever. But with dessicated salamanders.
    Current Pets: Matilda, a 1/2 Boston Terrier 1/2 Miniature Pinscher with Yoda ears and Penelope, the world’s most irritating Puggle with the crankiest face.
    Dream Pet: CHICKENS! Okay, not really a pet, but I’d love to have a bunch of chickens. We live in the country, everybody else has them, and I cave to peer pressure, even if it’s super indirect. That and a full size Doberman. I live in the country and everybody else has them, and you see where this is going…

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