China Glaze Avant Garden, Pastel Petals – swatches and review

They’re like flowers blooming on your fingertips!

ChinaGlazeAvant1 China Glaze Avant Garden, Pastel Petals   swatches and reviewPress China Glaze Avant Garden, Pastel Petals   swatches and review 

I’m sad to report I have the blackest thumb. Plants, even ones that people insist are indestructible, die while in my care. So if I have any spring flowers in my life, it’s not my garden that’s grown them. In this case, it was China Glaze’s!

China Glaze Avant Garden is broken into two, six-piece accurately named collections; Blooming Brights and Pastel Petals. And while I am typically a bright kind of gal, the atypical Pastels we got to check out are incredibly beautiful.

ChinaGlazeAvant2 China Glaze Avant Garden, Pastel Petals   swatches and review

ChinaGlazeAvant8 China Glaze Avant Garden, Pastel Petals   swatches and review

Swatches and Colors:

Dandy Lyin’ Around – I love this shade, a white shimmer that’s laced with silvery flecks. It may be one of the most wearable pure whites I’ve ever worn. It glimmers!

ChinaGlazeAvant6 China Glaze Avant Garden, Pastel Petals   swatches and review

ChinaGlazeAvant4 China Glaze Avant Garden, Pastel Petals   swatches and review

Pink-ie Promise – a lightly greyed pink with a flash of pink shimmer that’s visible in the bottle but not seen on the nails.

ChinaGlazeAvant3 China Glaze Avant Garden, Pastel Petals   swatches and review

Fade Into Hue – this beautiful periwinkle creme is the other stand out of the collection for me. Really different from most of the light blues I own. And the kind of color that makes me stare at my fingers all day, just too pretty!

ChinaGlazeAvant5 China Glaze Avant Garden, Pastel Petals   swatches and review

Keep Calm, Paint On – shamrock shake shimmer green.

ChinaGlazeAvant9 China Glaze Avant Garden, Pastel Petals   swatches and review

ChinaGlazeAvant7 China Glaze Avant Garden, Pastel Petals   swatches and review

Life is Rosy – a dirty rose creme.

(The other shade in this collection is Tart-y for the Party, a lavender creme.)

China Glaze is like the baby bear of the polish world for me. I never have to worry about issues with the tried and true round brush (like splaying bristles and such) and the bottle is a comfortable shape. And as with all of their polish, this Garden party is big 3-Free.


Beautiful, easy to wear spring shades
China Glaze’s formula are some of the best on the market; minimal streaking, nicely pigmented
Fade into Hue and Dandy Lyin’ Around are the standouts


Other than Fade Into Hue, the shades aren’t very unique

Readers – how does your Avant Garden grow? Are there any must haves in the line up?

Stef is many things. Amongst them: co-editor of we heart this, graphic designer, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie.

photos: we heart this

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Written by stef


  1. Profile photo of gigi

    @Stef, what incedible shades! I love “Pink-ie Promise” and “Life is Rosey” (they make hands look so delicate, especially at this time of year), but I am falling hard for “Fade into Hue” and liking “Keep Calm, Paint On” quite a bit. Actually, there isn’t a color in this collection which doesn’t make me smile! A good friend of mine loves China Glaze, as do I, and I sent her a hand-picked set of pale blues, greens, and lavenders for Christmas. She was beyond thrilled!

  2. Profile photo of mandabear

    You’re right, the polishes are not truly unique, but overall a really pretty collection! I love Fade into Hue and Keep Calm, Paint On. They are so pretty! The pinks are pretty but not very me and I can see those not working well with my skintone. I, too, am a very bad plant/flower owner. If anyone gives me flowers, those flowers are goners haha.

    1. Profile photo of mandabear

      Wow so a wht fairy came and delivered me Life is Rosy and I totally take back what I said above. It’s SO pretty. I can see it working well against many skintones and is perfect for work. Unique, not so much, but it’s such a pretty break from all the neons, glitters and pastels out there (not that I’m against ANY of those by all means :)

  3. Profile photo of rachelshay

    That Fade into Hue blue is begging to be put on my nails. Love it! you are always spot on with your reviews, girl. I am such an Earth mama, plants love being under my care. Perhaps it’s because I am crazy and I talk to them everyday, and pet them, etc. LOVE me some beautiful flowers that butterflies come to visit daily, and the bumblebees are busy pollinating. Fresh herbs are my absolute faorite. There is nothing like walking putside with a pair of scissors to cut fresh basil, or rosemary or thyme for the evening dinner. This Summer it is a full-on veggie garden, herbs & flowers, growing at the Shay House!

  4. Profile photo of krista

    I got to try out the Keep Calm, Paint On shade and it is the most delicate shade of pearlized seafoam green with a hint of aqua. It practically screams “SPRING!” when you put it on your nails. As with all China Glaze polishes, this gives me about 2 days chip-free, which is really good for me because I am hard on a manicure. I think this shade would work best on someone with a bit of a tan–the gorgeous color got a little lost on my ghost-like pale hands.
    I was loving the Avant Garden collection–I also own the Mimosas before Manis polish(not shown), which is a gorgeous shimmery peachy coral color that is different from any other peach I own (which is a lot of peach, y’all) and I also picked up the Passion for Petals shade(also not shown), which is a lovely salmon pink cream.
    Fancy Pants, the blue/purple shade from this collection has been ordered and shall be in my possession soon.
    I heart China Glaze. Perhaps too much.

  5. Profile photo of irene

    These are pretty for sure! I sure would like to get my hands on a few! Like, Life is Rosy,Pink-ie Promise and Dandy Lyin’ Around. I keep checking out the Keep Calm, Paint On it is really cool looking but looks like it needs another coat?

    1. Profile photo of krista

      Keep Calm, Paint On requires 3 coats for an even application. It looks like 2 coats in the photo. I didn’t mind the 3 coats because this dried very quickly–I painted my nails before bedtime and woke up to no sheet prints. That pretty much never happens, btw.

  6. Profile photo of Kellie

    Life is Rosy looks like a great Spring shade. I tend to typically gravitate towards more non-traditional colors but now that I am soon to be entering the “professional” workforce I need to consider shades like Rosy more often. Subtle but lovely!!

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  8. Profile photo of sherrishera

    I do love China Glaze and was very happy to have some Dandy Lyin’ Around on my fingertips. The pearlescent white is very wearable on its own. Rarely do I paint my short nails since I have to be conservative and natural in my work environment, opting instead to go wild painting my toes. In this case, I did paint my fingernails. The white isn’t too opaque nor too sheer and the shimmer is subtle. All in all, my nails were quite happy and so was I. Classy.

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    1. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
      Stef Andrews

      Hi Hannah, The collection is broke up into 2 collections: Pastel Petals and Blooming Brights. This review is just for Pastel Petals. But you’re right, there are 12 total in both collections.

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