Mad Men Musings: The Crash

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The Crash 1 Mad Men Musings: The Crash

Anyone else feeling a little bit Alice in Wonderland-esque? We’ve strayed into some serious down-the-rabbit-hole territory: drugs, nonsensical speeches, metaphysical journeys, and altered realities. This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a through the looking glass kind of episode – unlike Roger’s bare-bummed acid trip last season, however, this one felt darker, infused with a black humor that quickly shaded into unease, even menace.

The opening scene – Ken driving a bunch of gun-brandishing, loutish Chevy execs around – seemed so weird and off-kilter that I originally thought someone was having a nightmare. And truly, Chevy is turning out to be nightmarish, a corporate vampire sucking the creative team dry. Ted is out of commission, grieving for the dead Frank Gleason, and Don is busy “feeling a lot of emotions” towards Sylvia (read: being a creeper outside her apartment), so his energy is directed elsewhere.

The Crash 2 Mad Men Musings: The Crash

So what do you do when your team needs a boost? Well, if it’s the late 60’s and you’re Jim Cutler, you bring in a shady doctor to pep up the team with some B vitamins/amphetamines. I’m not quite sure what this stuff was, exactly, but it seemed like some hellish version of Adderall, with the added “benefit” of inducing time-warps.

The initial reactions were pretty awesome – races through the office, Stan coming up with 666 ad ideas, and oh-my-god-Ken-is-tapdancing-his-heart-out-with-a-cane-because-IT’S-HIS-JOB, people.

tumblr mn3o27QSAq1s5e5bko1 400 Mad Men Musings: The CrashWill the GIF of dancing Ken rival the GIF of Lane punching the daylights out of Pete? I think it just might.

After Stan has been William Tell-ed by Ginsberg, (exacto knife in the arm? Ain’t no thing to Stan) a drunken Peggy plays nurse and cleans up his arm. And finally, we get the romantic moment some of us have been waiting for. Except, it was rather anticlimactic. Neither one of them was in their right minds, and Peggy dissuades him. A deeper moment, really, was when Stan told Peggy how his cousin had died in Vietnam, and Peggy counsels Stan to “let yourself feel it.” Of course, he ignores this advice and promptly does Gleason’s young daughter. (And ew, Cutler watching the whole thing?)

The Crash 4 Mad Men Musings: The Crash

These moments are eclipsed, however, by the unraveling threads of Don’s psyche. Yep, we’re flashing back to the old childhood whorehouse. Don’s boyhood memories are always discomfiting – the sordid, seedy milieu, the implicit threat of violence, Dick’s horrible bowl cut – but this time we get an important chunk of the story that we’ve never seen before. Stricken with a chest cold, Dick is mothered by the blond Aimee (“it has two ee’s and an accent” because she’s classy like that) in a way that initially seems caring; she has him rest in her bed and feeds him soup. It’s a small kindness, one Dick is grateful for.

Because this is Dick/Don, however, that decent human interaction devolves into a lesson about powerlessness, shame, and sex – Aimee is not only a devoted nurse but really, really into her job as a prostitute. Abigail is equally into her job of shaming, humiliating, and beating the crap out of Dick with a wooden spoon. Two distinct mother figures – each violating boundaries in a different way and branding him for life.

Even though this scene made me squirm, it was a fascinating one. Don’s internal compass was forged here, leading him towards a true north of unattainable, unsustainable love. All of these memories are bound up with Sylvia and the end of the affair, of course — it seems that Sylvia triggers Don in very specific ways.

His obsession with the soup-that-turns-out-to-be-oatmeal-ad (the completely obvious subtext here being the loving mother/whore figure, complete with both Aimee’s and Sylvia’s beauty marks mirrored in the ad’s model) spirals into an incomprehensible speech about “the key to everything.” In his fevered state, Don thinks he has the answer – not so much to Chevy, but rather to Sylvia, to life itself.

The Crash 3 Mad Men Musings: The Crash

While Don’s busy falling down the rabbit hole, Sally, alone with her brothers in Don and Megan’s apartment, is faced with an intruder, “Grandma Ida.” For the record, this was probably like the tenth time I said, “What the hell?” to the tv screen. Initially, it seems plausible that there is, indeed, a mother figure in Don’s life that we know nothing about, but it quickly becomes clear that something is very wrong here. Poor Sally – she knows, too, that there is danger, but what can she do? Like she tells Don afterwards, she doesn’t even know anything about him, really. When your dad’s a locked vault, random grandmothers are within the realm of possibility.

The Crash 5 Mad Men Musings: The Crash

Once the super-shot works itself out of Don’s system, he’s clearly back to his usual cold and controlled self. He tells Sally to just forget about the whole Ida incident, he rides in the apartment elevator with Sylvia and barely spares her a word or look, and he tells Ted he’s basically done with Chevy: “Every time we get a car, this place turns into a whorehouse.”

Which is a great line, sure, but can we be done with the whole whorehouse thing? Until Don can actual do something with his memories, until some kind of epiphany truly galvanizes him in a real way, he’s essentially living in his own personal “Groundhog Day.” I think I’d almost rather just watch Ken tap-dancing.

Readers – What is going on with Roger – did he really have a heart attack? Thoughts on Peggy and Stan’s kiss?
(And on a Peggy-related note, has anyone watched the superb “Top of the Lake” mini-series starring Elisabeth Moss?)

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  1. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews on this episode online – but I LOVED it! It was like we all took a coked out trip with the cast – the time gaps, flashbacks etc made for a great hour of television imo.

    Favorite bits – the whole William Tell to Nurse Peggy scene, the race through the office, Ted coming back and being all “WTF – most of this work is gibberish and Chevy is spelled wrong” and of course Ken’s tap-dancing scene.

    But for all the speed shot office shenanigans, the scenes that had me most riveted were the “Grandma Ida” ones. I was on the edge of my set – just like Sally I was unsure weather she was really some unknown until now figure from Don’s past or a scammer. And I was so worried she was going to hurt the kids in some way. Plus I loved the symbolism of her stealing the watches – just like time was lost over this ‘lost weekend’.

    Loving this season and your amazing wrap ups @Amity!
    Tyna recently posted..DIY Garden Project: Topsy Turvy Flower Planter

  2. Profile photo of amity

    Thanks! I love reading all the amazing comments/perspectives that everyone comes up with. And you are so right about “Grandma Ida”–I was on the edge of my seat. The whole scene was so masterfully played–like when Ida asked Sally, “Is your momma still a piece of work?” There was such a creepy undercurrent the whole time. And nice observation on the nature of time/watches–plus a lot of door metaphors this eppy, too.

  3. Profile photo of turboterp

    @amity , your attention to detail blows me away—the beauty marks! How did you spot that?!

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I didn’t like this episode at all. After the initial energy of the “vitamin shots,” I just started thinking about how much people on drugs annoy me. Ditto young Dick and his terrible haircut. I also hope we’re done with the whorehouse flashbacks and done with stalker Don.

    1. Profile photo of amity

      Oh, I miss a ton of stuff, but I was determined to figure out what the hell was up w/Don’s fixation on that model/advertisement! I kept freezing my screen to scrutinize it!

    2. Profile photo of sherrishera

      Oh gosh, I noticed the beauty mark thing right away, too. I thought it was Don’s original art reflecting his subconscious at an earlier date…and he just realized it in his present altered state

    3. Profile photo of krista

      @turboterp – I am SO with you. I am SO SICK AND TIRED of Don. Wah, you grew up in a whorehouse and bad things happened to you. Bad things happen to lots of people and you don’t see them act like this guy. Dudeguy is over 40 and acts like a self-indulgent and spoiled child to whom people are playthings. Irritates the crap out of me.
      The stack of cigarettes on the ground outside Sylvia’s made me roll my eyes and think, “Seriously? He’s going mental for Velma? Really?” He likes the shiny new toy to play with, gets tired, and moves on to the next. I loved how Sylvia was like, “You loved Megan once…” alluding to the fact that Don is acting like he’s in love with her, but everyone knows that it’s a temporary and fleeting state. He might think he loves Sylvia, but soon there will be another girl in the rotating door of Don. Sylvia is the kind of girl that needs stability. Even if that good Catholic girl got up the nerve to leave her husband, it wouldn’t be for a guy like Don. ARG. *bangs head on sharp corner of table*

  4. Profile photo of sherrishera

    Down the rabbit hole is right! I thought this episode out Mad Men-ed, Mad Men. What I liked about it: the absurdity…what I disliked about it: no Joan, no Pete, and how the drug culture of the time is used to neatly explain everyone’s psyche. I prefer the enigma.

  5. Profile photo of krista

    I hated everything about this episode except for two things:
    Stan to Peggy: You’ve got a great ass.
    Peggy: Thank you.

    And Ken tap dancing. EPIC.

    I could have seriously fast forwarded through the rest and been cool with it. I didn’t need psycho Don, more bowl-cut flashbacks to the whore house, Stan hooking up with the hippie chick after giving us hope he and Peggy might connect, or “Grandma Ida”.

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