DIY: Jewelry Necklace Organizer

Hang necklaces in an orderly row with this one simple tip!

Jewelry Rack idea

I’m not sure about all you other fashionistas out there but I’ve always had a hard time finding a place to hang all my necklaces where I can see them all. When I found an extra towel rack in my spare closet, turning it into a DIY jewelry organizer came instantly into my mind.

This DIY is super easy, requires just two parts and now I have all of my favorite necklaces in one place. When I’m getting dressed, I can scan the rack and see my options – I love it!

Towel Rack
S Hooks


1. Hang the towel rack onto an empty wall. (For extra sturdiness, I recommend drilling it into place.)

2. Slip the S hooks on the rack.

3. Hang your jewelry and anything else!

Tip: Use your rack to hang your headbands, belts and sunglasses as well.

Jewelry Rack idea

And you’re done! How easy was that? Now you have a place for all your necklaces and accessories. Now have some fun organizing them by styles and color!

Readers – how do you organize your jewelry and accessories?

Jenelle is a DIY fashion blogger from Canada who’s believes you can be fashionable while staying on a budget. Traveling the world, meeting Justin Timberlake and attending Fashion Week are just a few things on her bucket list. Check out her blog, Nelle Creations for more DIY fun!

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  1. Profile photo of Kellie

    I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t think of this one before now. It’s one of those it’s so simple but yet so genius things! I love this project and will for sure do it. I am a very disorganized person who is always lusting after the next great organization project that will whip me into shape. Maybe this will be the one?!

    Great idea @nellecreations !!

  2. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    This is a really great idea. I have so many necklaces that I forget I even own because they are shoved away in a box somewhere. This would get it out and in my face so I can pair it with the right outfit, instead of complaining I have no accessories all the time. :-)

  3. Profile photo of Amanda

    I’ve been working on a rack system for my nail polish, and I bet I can find a towel bar or two that are just deep enough to go over the front. Talk about space saving! I currently store my jewelry on a small rack or on command hooks attached to the side of my vanity. This is so much cuter and much more versatile!

  4. Profile photo of marissa

    I make jewelry and my existing necklace racks (don’t even want to admit how many!) are overflowing at the moment. Definitely going to try this—so easy to add new S-hooks when more pieces are added!

  5. Profile photo of sherrishera

    So cute! My necklace rack is a similar idea: an Ikea shelf with an attached row of hooks beneath. The shelf by my sink/vanity holds hair care products and such while each hook holds my costume necklaces. I further sort according to thickness and length (I.e. bulky beads, chokers, strands of pearls,cords, long chains and rhinestone-y things). Works great!

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