The Kim Greene Line: Essential 2.0 Bag review

Who better to design a Makeup Bag than a Makeup artist?

KimGreene1 The Kim Greene Line: Essential 2.0 Bag reviewPress The Kim Greene Line: Essential 2.0 Bag review 

I learned early in life, if you want to be successful at something, look at what the professionals in that field are doing and learn from their actions. My Achilles heel is remaining organized and efficient with my beauty products while traveling. Enter the Kim Greene Line of cosmetics and travel bags to help me (and you!)

Kim Greene designed her line of bags after years of traveling and working as a makeup artist in the film and television industry as a way to keep her life organized, and her supplies sanitary and in top condition.

KimGreene2 The Kim Greene Line: Essential 2.0 Bag review

I was thrilled to test out the Essential 2.0 Bag ($23) and its features include:

3 Outer Zippered Pockets – to assist with organization

Two smaller pockets – these are perfect for cotton balls, q-tips, lip gloss or anything smaller that you do not want to co-mingle with other items

One larger pocket – it’s great for palettes, make up brushes or combs

A removable and adjustable (up to 15 inches) shoulder strap – so you can sling it over your shoulder, around your wrist or hand it from anywhere in your hotel room (like a door knob)

The bag is made with .5 PVC heavy gauge see through vinyl – so you can see all your products at glance

KimGreene3 The Kim Greene Line: Essential 2.0 Bag review

As you can see by the image, this is nicely sized and I could stuff it with all of my essentials (and a few extras). Once in use, I could see that this is one quality bag made with top-notch vinyl and it will outlast most any other makeup bag. As a bonus, it is also easy to clean and wash. This tote will save me some money in the long run, as I won’t need to throw away yet another damaged and/dirty bag. (Trust me: I have killed many makeup bags since I travel three to five nights a week for work.)

KimGreene4 The Kim Greene Line: Essential 2.0 Bag review

The Essential 2.0 Bag is available in five see-through accent colors; pink, green, blue, grey and clear. I love the concept of color coding my various skincare, makeup and hair items. I think it would help me stay organized and simplify my cosmetic bags on the run.

Speaking of being on the run, in this helpful video, Kim gives a quick demo and packing lesson on how get the most from her Essential 2.0 Bag.

Great quality and very sturdy
Easy to clean
All compartments have a zipper and it helps keep everything in place and sanitary

Price may be a bit expensive for some – especially if you want one in every color like I do!

Readers – are you an organized packer? Share your secrets in the comments!

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Holly is a Midwestern gal living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She loves gardening, animals and is a skin care junkie. Holly is always on the quest to try something new or old and live the best life possible.

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  1. Profile photo of Kellie

    Great review! This bag looks fantastic!! I am a bag junkie. It’s kind of obscene, how many I own. And I can’t lie this one looks like a must have!

    My secret for packing is just the bags that I bring. The more pouches, bags, etc that I have to organize like items in the more efficient I become.

  2. Profile photo of mandabear

    I’m not a very organized packer. I try to be at first and then eventually give up and dump everything I think I “need”.

    That said, I LOVE these clear makeup bags. I’ve always wanted one and I like how these are constructed.

  3. Profile photo of hao9703

    The most important thing I learned in keeping myself organized is to keep certain bags for certain categories. I do want to get several of these so I can color code my skincare, toiletries and makeup.

  4. Profile photo of Marilyn

    Ooooh it comes in pink?AWESOME! The biggest draw for me is that it’s easy to clean. I’ve had eyeshadows crumble, foundations get everywhere… It’s just easier if it’s vinyl. The fact that it’s CLEAR is super helpful too… I cram way too many products into my makeup bags, and I end up rummaging around for quite awhile.

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