The no!no! design contest – and our no!no! GIVEAWAY! – a $270 value

NoNo The no!no! design contest   and our no!no! GIVEAWAY!   a $270 valuePressAffiliate The no!no! design contest   and our no!no! GIVEAWAY!   a $270 value 

Congratulations to our winner – Patrice T!

Have you heard about the no!no! design contest? Well, let us tell you all about it! Oh, and maybe you’ll even win the no!no! we have to giveaway…

NoNoB The no!no! design contest   and our no!no! GIVEAWAY!   a $270 value

The folks behind the world’s hottest selling hair removal device would like to know what kind of design YOU would like. Visit to download a design template and let your imagination run wild; from Zebra stripes, to chic chevrons, to lipstick tubes and powder puffs.

They’ll pick their four favorites, the public will vote on the winner in August, and that person will receive a no!no! hair removal kit, $500 in gift cards for and their design will be manufactured next year!

Imagine the bragging rights! My designer head would explode with glee. “Oh that? That’s just the no!no! I designed…”

Hurry, the contest is only open through July 31st and you can get the complete details at

If you can’t wait to see if your design wins, why not try to win the one we have to give away?

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Can’t wait to see if you win? Buy your own no!no! here

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Written by stef


  1. Profile photo of hao9703

    Be still my beating heart . . . I have always want to try No No! Plus, I am a HUGE fan of Neova . Their skincare is first rate. If only I had some type of design/artistic talent.

  2. Profile photo of winnie

    I want this!! I always see the commercials late at night with the actress from one of the soaps I used Guiding Light! Plus I’m half Italian so I really need to win this!! LOL!

  3. Emily Wouters

    I would love to win a no!no! hair remover. It would honestly make life so much easier and I would never have to worry about the hassles of razors anymore!

  4. Profile photo of Kellie

    I have always wanted a no! no! I have always been so hairy! And I have dark hair which makes it all very obvious. And as you all have heard me say before-I am so lazy!! I would love to have to shave much less or not at all!!

  5. Charlene Carr

    I have a No No and now my sisters want one. If I win I will give it to one of my sisters.

  6. Anne Taylor

    I’d attack my face. I have an attractive moustache and hair on my face that has no right to be there lol

  7. Jessi

    Definitely my legs. I’ve wanted to try a nono for awhile now but I’m always skeptical of products that seem too good to be true.

  8. Amy Martin

    I have to pick just one? I’d proably lock myself in the bedroom for an hour getting it all. OK, underarms.

  9. Profile photo of tiglesia

    I would try it on my legs first because they are less sensitive than other areas and if it didn’t hurt than I would try other areas! :-)

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