Best of Summer 2013: Black & Blue Ginger Cocktail

Celebrate the 4th all summer long with this unique drink

Black Blue Ginger 1 Best of Summer 2013: Black & Blue Ginger Cocktail

It’s best of week here at we heart this! We’re celebrating Independence Day by taking a little break over the quintessential summer holiday. So this week we’ll be bringing you some popular summertime posts. If you’re hosting a July 4th party or are looking for a yummy summer cocktail, look no further! This gorgeous looking, ginger beer infused cocktail will stand out from the crowd and make everyone happy! ~ wht

With summer upon us, we are being inundated with the usual summer cocktails. Big pitchers of sangria, lemonade with vodka, mojitos, sweet tea with lemon…they’re all great, but they are everywhere.

When summer rolls around, what happens to whiskey and bourbon? How come my favorite booze is left out of all the summer fun? A dark alcohol can be light and fruity too – just give it a chance!

This 4th of July, serve your guests this unique cocktail – let’s call it the Red, White, Black & Blue for the day – to stand out out amongst the typical summery drinks.

(Makes 2 Cocktails)

Black Blue Ginger 2 Best of Summer 2013: Black & Blue Ginger Cocktail

3 Ounces of Whiskey or Bourbon (I used Maker’s Mark)
10 to 12 Fresh Blueberries
8 to 10 Fresh Blackberries
A Handful of Ice Cubes for Each Glass
12 Ounces Ginger Beer
Mint and/or Lime Wedge for Garnish


1. Add the whiskey, blueberries, and blackberries to a blender. Puree for a minute or two. I like the look and crunch of all the seeds in the cocktail but, if you don’t like all the seeds in your cocktails, by all means, strain the alcohol before pouring it into the glasses.

2. Place a handful of ice into each glass.

3. Pour half of the whiskey fruit blend into each glass, then pour about 6 ounces of the ginger beer into each glass. Garnish with a mint leaf or a lime wedge and then serve.

Black Blue Ginger 3 Best of Summer 2013: Black & Blue Ginger Cocktail

4. Sip (or chug) the goodness.

See, I told you whiskey could be just as summery as a pitcher of sangria!

Readers – what are your favorite summer cocktails?

photos: stefanie for we heart this

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    That’s American as it gets! I dig it! I enjoy trying new beverages in the summer.. but when made right.. the tried and true ones for me are Pina Coladas and White Russians.. But all time favorite is my hubby’s own crafted brews. they are serious brews and the best.

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