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Bacardi3 3 things   Best of Summer (so far!)

While the calendar may not agree with me, I always feel as if the 4th of July is the half way point of summer. To get us back on track after our ‘Best of Summer’ week, and mark the summer milestone let’s play a round of 3 things – ‘best of’ style!

Best food you ate this summer: I love eating all the fruits and veggies that overwhelm my local Farmer’s Market this time of year. The best thing I’ve had so far this summer was roomie Eric’s Cherry Pie (filled with ready to burst cherries) topped with some homemade vanilla sugar infused whipped cream.
Best cocktail you drank: I’m always up for a cold beer, but the best drink I’ve enjoyed so far was the wht inspired Kumquat Kick Back as served at our Bacardi party.
Best Makeup Purchase: It’s not a new product, but MAC’s Blot Powder has been my summer skin savior for years. It whisks away oil and shine without adding weight to the face. It’s at the very top of my summer staples list – even before waterproof mascara!

Your turn – cut and past the following into the comments and join us in playing 3 things!

Best food you ate this summer:
Best cocktail you drank:
Best Makeup Purchase:

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    Best food you ate this summer: Since I have yet to delve into our famously delicious Maryland steamed crabs this summer, I will say the best thing I ate so far this summer has been my tomato, avocado, grilled corn and red onion salad I made last night! Yummy!
    Best cocktail you drank: My summer cocktail is a Negroni. I just can’t get enough of Campari in the summer months!
    Best Makeup Purchase: I must agree with Tyna with the MAC Blot powder! I tote it with me all summer!

  2. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    Best food you ate this summer: Some friends had us over and made grilled steak, potatoes and asparagus. Maybe it was because it was my first meal off the grill this year, or maybe because I didn’t have to make it or pay for it, but it was AMAZING.
    Best cocktail you drank: Hmm. This question reminds me that I have not had a cocktail this summer. I need to rectify that. I guess my best adult beverage was some local beer at a brewery tour in June; knowing the people and the process of the drink you’re having makes it somehow more tasty!
    Best Makeup Purchase: Yikes. So many! I think maybe Model City’s Coral Reef? It’s a CRAZY ocean blue holo and it definitely reminds me of the sea in Aruba; so so blue, with teeny sparkles glinting off the surface. SO pretty!
    But a big shout-out to blot powder; I don’t think I’ve worn any other powder since I first tried it. (And I think it was on a tip from we heart this, so thanks y’all!)

    1. Profile photo of lyssachelle

      Oops, I didn’t point out that Model City’s Coral Reef is an indie nail polish! Reading it, you might think it was eyeshadow or something…though it definitely would be a gorgeous shadow too!

  3. Profile photo of hao9703

    best food I ate this summer — Fresh crab hands down.

    Best cocktail — I have had a lot of flavored Perrier this summer with fruit muddled in it. This is a pretty versatile drink and then you can add the liquor of your choice.

    Best Makeup Purchase — I am never good that answering this one. However, I am due to replenish ALL of my skincare. It is an exciting and scary thing. It is exciting as I get to try something new and I have exhausted all of my supplies. It is scary because I do not want to have a revolt on my hands with breakouts.

  4. Profile photo of irene

    Best food you ate this summer: Going to brag a little.. We have a garden that is exploding with the most amazing vegetation and has been for over a month. Producing several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, a long list of herbs and much more right out our back door! So, we have been enjoying them so much everyday and sharing them with friends and family! Nothing compares to cooking with fresh homegrown tomatoes and organic living!
    Best cocktail you drank: An oldie but goodie version of “Nutty Monk” Made like a White Russian Yah, it’s amazing and has my favorite liqueur, Frangelico and Carolans Irish Cream, Kahlua and vodka whipped up to perfection in a blender.. yum!
    Best Makeup Purchase: Don’t’ fall off your chair.. I have yet to purchase any makeup this summer but just wait; I’ll be going to Sephora this week!

  5. Profile photo of mandabear

    Best food you ate this summer: Hmm probably the grilled corn from Habana Outpost in Brooklyn. (Same spot if you visit NYC: Cafe Habana).
    Best cocktail you drank: Mmm! I liked the Pina Colada, also from Habana Outpost! Had with my corn, outside of course.
    Best Makeup Purchase: So far I love Jouer’s Matte Moisture Tint. It’s a great tinted moisturizer so far. No break outs and it has the perfect amount of coverage for hot sweaty summer days. It’s a bit expensive though. I bought mine from Henri Bendel. However, if you sign up for an account at the Jouer site, you get gifted a 50% discount code to be used one time and it’s good for 30 days. I might end up stocking up with that code!

  6. Profile photo of marissa

    Best food you ate this summer: Is there anything better than a grilled hot dog on the patio as the sun’s going down? I don’t think so.

    Best cocktail you drank: I had some fabulous white sangria at a sidewalk cafe while visiting my friend in Providence earlier this summer. Perfect mix of sweetness and certainly got the job done!

    Best Makeup Purchase: I’m going to bend the rules and make this my best hair care purchase. Organix Coconut Milk shampoo, conditioner and weightless mousse. I smell like the tropics after every wash!

  7. Profile photo of heather

    Best food you ate this summer: All this crab talk – so jealous! Unfortunately none of that, but my friend’s sweet southern mom made us some AMAZING authentic jambalaya! And my ice cream maker has been seeing some good use this season – boozy apple pie has been my favorite thus far!

    Best cocktail you drank: Kumquat mojitos! the fruit of 2013, apparently :)

    Best Makeup Purchase: Tarte’s Timeless lipstick from the Aqualillies collection has been ruling my world this summer! BRB, off to buy some of that magical blotting powder!

  8. Profile photo of Marilyn

    Best food you ate this summer: Solstice wood fired pizza (pear, bleu cheese and caramelized onion) and their wood fired s’more with honey marshmallow. It may be some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. They were at the fruit beer festival, but the actual restaurant is an hour away. I’m totally going to make a trip out there just for the food.

    Best cocktail you drank: a limited edition fruit stout by Burnside Brewing called “Iville goes to a fruit stand.” It was rich, it was chocolately, it had berries in it but not too sugary… I’ve been obsessed with finding it and buying a growler of it, but no luck.

    Best Makeup Purchase: oh gosh this is almost impossible. I do agree with Tyna that MAC Blot Powder is amazing. I think I’d have to go with my MAC foundations. I have three that I love, but ProLongwear is my favorite. Prior to MAC I had a hard time finding a color match, and I couldn’t find any magical combo of primer and/or foundation that wouldn’t turn into an oil slick on my face.
    lipglossandspandex recently posted..Laura Mercier Undercover Pot

  9. Profile photo of Amanda

    Best food you ate this summer: I come from a family of farmers, so I’m blessed with crazy good food all year round! (And yes, I get to know my meat.) Last week I was wandering through my mother’s garden and happily picking and eating garlic scapes. That is what summer is all about!

    Best cocktail you drank: I’ve been obsessed with a sort-of mimosa. I use prosecco instead of champagne, and pineapple juice instead of orange. Yum!

    Best Makeup Purchase: I’ve been snapping up a lot of nail polish lately (I LOVE the shades that Sally Hansen added to the Complete Manicure line this summer!) but the best “makeup” purchase I’ve made was some locally made soap from an old family friend. It smells amazing! http://www.feetfaceandfannysoap.com/index.html

  10. Profile photo of turboterp

    Best food you ate this summer: On the 4th, I had crabs that my dad, a charter boat captain in Annapolis, Maryland, steamed for me. They were so fresh and sweet, crusted with salty Old Bay… heaven!

    Best cocktail you drank: Pallini Limoncello on the rocks. So lemony and refreshing.

    Best Makeup Purchase: I treated myself to a MAC sheer pressed powder in my summer color.

  11. Bridget

    Hi, I’m a new reader to your site, and love it! Here are my choices:

    Best food you ate this summer: Fried pickles! I never had them before, and a place opened around the corner from our house where they are on the menu. WOW.

    Best cocktail you drank: Frozen margarita. Because a) it’s a margarita, and b) it’s frozen.

    Best Makeup Purchase: L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge lipstick, in color #138. I was on my way to work one morning and realized I’d forgotten to put on lipstick. Not the worst thing, but I like lipstick and without it, I look pretty washed out. So I stopped at a CVS that I usually pass, and for whatever reason, chose this color. I don’t usually feel like I can wear red lipstick, though I do love it, but that morning I decided that was the shade for me. Not only is it a pretty color, but it stays on for a really long time. At first, I thought it was awfully expensive for a drugstore lipstick, but now I think it’s a really great deal!

  12. Profile photo of krista

    Best food you ate this summer: Okay, so nothing homemade because it’s been too hot to cook, but I recently discovered the wonder that is Chipotle. I love their shredded beef burritos and would probably sell my firstborn for one…
    Best cocktail you drank: No cocktails, but I have been drinking a lot of Lambics lately. Kriek makes a lovely cherry one.
    Best Makeup Purchase: I’ve been HORRIBLE this summer…way too many purchases that were awesome to name. Short list: Josie Maran coconut watercolor cheek gelees in Poppy Paradise and Honeymoon Honey (they look nice layered together), the palette, lippie, and turquoise liner from the Tarte Aqualillies collection, and I just got a Bobbi Brown set from QVC that had the stick foundation, a shimmer brick, a pot eyeliner, lippie, deluxe mascara sample, and brushes for under $80. Just the foundation stick and shimmer brick will cost more than that. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. :)

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