Current Crushes: MAC Pressed Pigment in Damson, Avon Mega Effects Mascara and NYX Butter Gloss

Current Crushes September 2013 

Here are the top three products that I’m crushing on this week…

MAC pressed pigments

1. I had a few MAC Pressed Pigments pass by my desk in all of their glitter-tastic glory. And I’ll admit, while I love their pigments, I’m usually just too lazy to deal with them (mess, fallout, fallout mess.)

MAC pressed pigments

Pressed Pigments seemed like an easier way to get intensity without the hassle of a loose powder. And you do…for the most part. But don’t go in expecting the ease of regular ol’ eye shadow. If you want to use them dry, they work best pressed into your skin, not fluffed on with a brush. I actually prefer them wet, they stick better and the color intensifies. Which leads me to Damson…

MAC Damson pressed pigment

Oh, how I love this shade. It’s a deep plum brown hybrid with an abundance of antique gold glitter. It’s just so rich. And makes me look almost damned with how blue it makes my eyes! We got to check out a few other shades too; Summer Honey (peach with an icy silver sheen), Rock Candy (bubble gum pink) and Lime Ice (icy pale green) But it’s Damson that has me crushing hard.

MAC pressed pigment swatchesSummer Honey, Rock Candy, Damson, Lime Ice

Avon Mega Effects mascara

2. Mascara wands have gone through an incredible growth period. Remember when they were just your normal ol’ hairbrush-like bristles? Then came everything from spheres to plastic nubs. And NOW, you got the Wonderbrush, found specifically on the Avon Mega Effects Mascara.

Avon Mega Effects mascara wand

Avon Mega Effects mascara wand

I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it before. From its adjustable handle, explosion of bristles poking out in every way imaginable and its paint roller-like orientation; to say it’s inventive is an understatement. But does it work? Ah, that’s the question!

Avon Mega Effects mascara wand

The answer? YES. The mascara itself is a dark inky black color. And all the bells and whistles of the brush (once you master the best application method that best suites you) gets the mascara right to the base of your lash, giving you a tight-lining effect, incredible volume and beautiful drama. I have to say, a lot of a-typical applicators come off as novelties to me. But I like this. A LOT.

Avon Mega Effects mascara swatchleft: naked lash, right: one coat of Mega Effects

NYX butter gloss

3. Finally, though not new, I’ve fallen hard for NYX Cosmetics Butter gloss. With a yummy vanilla sugar scent, creamy coverage, smooth and buttery texture, and my beloved doe foot applicator; I kinda want to pick these up in every one of their 12 colors. Oh yeah, did I mention they’re only 5 bucks?!

Lip Gloss addict approved!

NYX butter gloss applicator

It doesn’t hurt that they all have dessert names. How can a lip gloss be so delicious? I love all four shades we checked out: Maple Blondie (yellow pink), Cherry Cheesecake (bright coral), Merengue (light pink lilac) and Eclair (cool milky pink).

NYX butter gloss swatchesMaple Blondie, Cherry Cheesecake, Merengue, Eclair

So again, this week’s crushes are:
MAC Pressed Pigment in Damson ($21, limited edition)
Avon Mega Effects Mascara ($10)
NYX Cosmetics Butter gloss ($5)

we heartsters – do you think these are crush worthy?

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  1. Profile photo of irene

    So cool! I love NYX Cosmetics and just think for the price you cannot go wrong. The Butter glosses are amazing looking!
    Now, the mascara by Avon just has me tilting my head.. It looks like something from the original movie “Aliens”! I am almost afraid to hold it in my hands!

  2. Profile photo of Kellie

    The Summer Honey Pressed Pigment is an absolute dream!! It brings such beautiful “natural” shimmer to any eye look. It seems to combine with just about any shade that I have tried. Just gorgeous!! I am a bit obsessed with this super flattering shade.

    And I have been super intrigued by this Avon mascara. It looks super weird and cool. It looks great on @stef ! So I might just have to order one.

  3. Profile photo of Marilyn

    Damson is all kinds of dark and handsome! Wow. MAC Pigments can definitely take a bit of work, since there’s so much fallout. I’m really intrigued by the NYX glosses–vanilla scent sounds fab! I didn’t like the cherry scent they had for some of their glosses.

    1. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
      Stef Andrews

      Damson def. felt creamier than some of the other Pressed Pigments. And when pressed on with your fingers, I really didn’t get much fallout at all. It’s a keeper!

  4. Profile photo of sherrishera

    If that mascara works like that, I’m in! But really, that’s quite the contraption. The mascara engineers really seem to be outdoing themselves lately. I’d totally be cool with great formula and a brush that neither pokes my eye out nor has me guessing how I hold or distribute the product…for me that means straight, hard comb-like bristles on a tapered brush. I’m just a simple gal…but I do get momentarily enamored by a passing fancy!

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