Holiday Health Tips – Surviving the Holidays: Office Edition

Holiday diet tips Feature Holiday Health Tips   Surviving the Holidays: Office Edition

Five Tips to Avoid Overindulging on Holiday Treats

The holidays are a time for giving and gathering with family and friends to reflect on the last year. It’s also the time when Joan from accounting decides to stock the office kitchen with fudge, cookies, chocolates and a whole variety of sweets and treats. We all know what happens next – you go to sample just one – and all of a sudden you’ve filled an entire plate.

It is hard to stay on track during the holiday season, but it isn’t impossible with a little bit of planning (and with a little bit of digging in too!) you can maintain your healthy lifestyle while enjoying the treats of the season.

Here are our Top Five Holiday Health Tips to stay on track all holiday season long.

• Know that it’s okay to indulge – Life isn’t all about your waistline and, especially around the holidays, it is okay to indulge here and there. However, it is important to do so in moderation and achieving this is easier than you think. Know you have a big party coming up this weekend? Stay away from the office’s cookie spread during the week.

• Come prepared with your own stash – For those times when the treats are piling up and your willpower is waning, keep a stash of less-sinful treats in your desk drawer. Hot cocoa packets, dark chocolate and even some especially rich granola bars can all help deter a sweet temptation. Fruit works too!

• Up your exercise game -: Adding extra minutes to your exercise routine is especially beneficial this time of year. Not only can it help beat stress, but it also helps counteract some of the extra calories. No time for a full gym session? Take laps around your building, tap your toes (quietly!) at your desk, or stand while you take conference calls. Every little bit helps!

• Practice your polite decline – We get it; it is hard to say no when Betty Crocker herself is standing there pushing her homemade treats. You never want to sound rude. It is acceptable to politely decline your foodie friend. Tell her that you are watching what you eat, or you have plans to attend a holiday dinner later. Or, if saying no is too difficult, sample a smaller piece or split it with an office mate.

• Visualize your goals – At the beginning of the holiday season (or even every morning), remind yourself of your health goals. Keep an inspirational quote or image near your desk for motivation. Keeping your long-term healthy goals in mind will make it much easier to stay on track during the holiday season. Happy holidays!

Readers – what are your tips for avoiding temptation during the holiday season?

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  1. Profile photo of irene

    Right on @marissa! This years been a good year, as far as keeping off all that I’ve lost over the last few years. I can attribute it to staying the course with my exercise routines and healthy eating and drinking habits. For the most part, It’s just staying active on a consistent basis. I walk and continue to swim. I still eat VERY well, just not as much! It’s my only answer to get thru, almost unscathed! These are all excellent tips that really can make a difference in the end. No pun!

  2. Profile photo of sherrishera

    @Marissa, here I am reading all of your lovely reminders for not packing on the pounds while repeatedly scrolling up to drool over those cupcakes. I actually fast forwarded to the bottom of the post first in hopes of finding a recipe, lol. C’est la vie, I’ve got my work cut out for me!

  3. Profile photo of heather

    Great tips @Marissa!

    As someone who is frequently guilty of pushing my goods on others (if I don’t give them away then I have to eat them all myself!), I would also like to add that if you feel weird declining someone’s treats, I’m sure there is a significant other/roomie/friend who would be psyched if you shared a surprise treat with them!

  4. Rachel Shay

    Being a stay-at-home Mom, with LOTS of Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge, is rough. Read this list a little too late! Also, I should’ve shared the wealth, and sent everyone home with food. Next year, I say, next year!

  5. Profile photo of amity

    These are all great tips! My go to is to ride the chia seed train–seriously, those things fill you up and are super healthy to boot. You can make a quick pudding, or, if you’re pressed for time, just throw some into your water. They help you to feel full–much easier to pass on decadent treats.

  6. Profile photo of Marilyn

    I’m in training mode for a few races next year, so that’s helping me stay motivated to work out and be healthy! I think it’s really important to view exercise as something beneficial and fun instead of punishment for eating treats (although during training, it’s not always the case!).
    lipglossandspandex recently posted..Race recap: Hot Buttered Run

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