DIY Project: Knob Rack

Knob Rack 2281 DIY Project: Knob Rack


On a trip to my local Habitat For Humanity Thrift Store, I noticed a rather large section of solid-wood drawer-fronts and cabinet doors. The oak planks were on sale for a mere $2 a piece. I picked up two, knowing they would be easy to upcycle.

One of the craft supply stores I frequent has a rather extensive display of knobs, in a variety of materials. Knobs can be on the expensive side, but if they make you happy when you see them, then they are well worth the price. When I was admiring the stunning collection of ceramic knobs, the idea of a one-of-a kind coat/towel rack came to mind. This DIY project would also make a great holiday gift, so let’s get crafting!

Solid-wood drawer-front
Decorative knobs or hooks
Spray paint (Optional)
Power Sander or Sandpaper
D-Ring hooks

1. Remove any existing knobs or pulls from the drawer-front. If you are changing the color, prime and paint it, and let dry completely.

2. If you like the rustic, distressed look, take your sander and selectively apply pressure to slightly remove areas of paint.

Knob Rack 002 DIY Project: Knob Rack

3. Next decide how many knobs you need and their placement. Mix and match ceramic, wood, and metal knobs for a charming, vintage look. Measure carefully, and place a pencil mark at the desired places for your knobs.

Tip: Your drawer-front will most likely have an existing central hole or two, that you can use as a starting point.

4. Drill the appropriate size hole for the screw attached to your knob.

Knob Rack 012 DIY Project: Knob Rack

5. Now you will create a recess for the nut. Flip your board and drill a larger hole, deep enough for the nut to fit into, flush or deeper.

Knob Rack 021 DIY Project: Knob Rack

6. Cut off the remaining length of the bolt attached to your knob. I used a Dremel with a cutting disc attachment for this task. Sparks will fly, be careful and always use safety goggles.

7. Screw D-Ring hooks onto back of your piece.

Knob Rack 2286 DIY Project: Knob Rack

And you’re done! These charming racks will get plenty of use – hang one in the bathroom for towels, in an entry or mudroom for handbags and jackets, or on the back of a closet door for extra storage space.

Knob Rack 2289 DIY Project: Knob Rack

Readers – Will you be DIYing any holiday gifts this season?

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    Genius–I am envisioning these as perfect necklace holders, too. I have so many necklaces that some of them may or may not be slung around my bedroom doorknob (okay, they totally are). These are such a better option; thanks for a great idea.

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