Best of 2013: What We Watched

Best of 2013 TV movies Best of 2013: What We Watched

Happy Holidays! To celebrate the year that was, we’re bringing you trios of the best and most popular posts of 2013. Like many of our readers, this year we spent our fair share of time on the couch in front of the screen; here our a few of the things we were watching in 2013:

Mad Men closing kids Best of 2013: What We Watched

Mad Men Season Six: Episode 613, In Care Of:

We greeted the sixth season of Mad Men with bittersweet glee – excited to have the beloved crew of “Sterling Cooper & Partners” back for 13 episodes and already lamenting that we have just one more season to go. Recapper Amity helps us tie all the threads together, as the series starts to feel as if it is coming full circle, when Don finally opens up about his childhood to his own kids in the series finale “In Care Of”.

StephenKing3 Best of 2013: What We Watched

Scary Movie Series: Stephen King Edition – Man and Machines

We’re horror movie buffs here at we heart this, and this Halloween Krista treated us to a week-long look at one of the masters of both book and screen, Stephen King. One of the most popular posts took at look at Mr. King’s knack for finding true fear in everyday man and machines – albeit those with supernatural powers.

Heathers 5 Best of 2013: What We Watched

Film Fashion Flashback: Heathers

We went back to the 80s to take a look at the teen-age angst black comedy “Heathers”. This groundbreaking flick not only added phrases like “What’s your damage, Heather” and “Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?” to our lexicon, it also introduced us to the Red Scrunchie of Power and a host of ever-stylish 80s fashion.

Readers – From new series to classic movies – what was in your Netflix queue this year?

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Written by Tyna Werner


  1. Profile photo of Kellie

    I watched way too much Netflix this year. My favorite tv shows were Netflix originals House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and of course Arrested Development. A few of my favorite movies were The Lifeguard, Martha Marcy May Marlene, and Frances Ha. I highly recommend all of these! Happy Watching!!!

  2. Profile photo of sherrishera

    No need to have Mad Men on my Netflix queue, I waited for every Sunday night with bated breath, and when it arrived my martini was poured and I was couiffed in my best 60’s do.
    I also enjoyed Downton Abbey tremendously (I don’t feel like I’m watching a melodramatic soap opera with that crazy-good cast, the well-written witty dialogue, the awesome costumes and English accents). The last episode upset me greatly. Sigh. I became enamored of this after streaming season after season. Now, I never miss a show.
    Another show I started watching after catching up on years’ worth of episodes in a single week is…Breaking Bad. We did that in ’12 and were among those crying foul when they cut the last “season” in two, with a nine month separation between the two half-seasons. We were also among those caught up in the finale fever. I saw Aaron Paul’s Hollywood scavenger hunt tweets too late the day of the finale. I was too busy making my own “blue ice” for themed beverages to realize you-know-who was hiding tickets to the big show at Hollywood Forever Cemetary all over my home turf!
    It was a very good tv year.

  3. Profile photo of amity

    So many good shows–y’all have excellent taste and I totally concur with Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, Downton Abbey, Frances Ha, and of course Mad Men. Top of the Lake (with Peggy herself, Elisabeth Moss) was brooding and dark and wonderful (it’s on Netflix) and a series on Sundance, Les Revenants/The Returned, was utterly compelling too–people just start coming back from the dead, not in a zombie way but a mysterious, David Lynch-ian French way.

  4. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    Ooo, thank you for reminding me about Top of the Lake! I caught an episode and recorded the whole series so I could binge watch one weekend. However, when we moved we had to change cable providers so I totally forgot that I wanted to see it…

  5. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    And, I am slightly ashamed to say, the biggest shows on my Netflix this year have been Doctor Who and Supernatural. Doctor Who was in anticipation of the 50th anniversary (which did not disappoint!) and Supernatural because…well…them Winchester boys are pretty.

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