Best of 2013: Recipes

Best of 2013 recipes Best of 2013: Recipes

Happy Holidays! To celebrate the year that was, we’re bringing you trios of the best and most popular posts of 2013. If you know us, you know that besides obsessing over makeup, we spend a lot of time thinking about what to eat. Today, we’re taking another look at our most read and shared recipes of 2013.

CheddarCrackers8 Best of 2013: Recipes

Cheddar & Leek Crackers

If you have a Super Bowl party planned, or just have an occasion to snack, try your hand at these homemade Irish Cheddar & Leek Crackers from Heather. Eat them plain, or top with a favorite spread or (even more) cheese.

2008 Best of 2013: Recipes

The Shay House Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Getting back on the healthy eating plan in 2014? Start your days on the right track with the Shay House Healthy Smoothie Recipe using easy, nutritious ingredients – smoothie inventor Rachel says even the picky kids will approve of this quick breakfast!

AppleCookies3 Best of 2013: Recipes

Cinnamon Apple Cookies

When you are ready for something sweet, try out Krista‘s latest discovery, the Cinnamon Apple Cookie. Paired with tea, coffee or cocoa, these cookies will help keep you warm this winter.

Readers – What were you cooking, sharing and eating over the last year?

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Written by Tyna Werner


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    I can vouch for the cinnamon apple cookies, TASTY!!!

    I ate WAY too much over the last year, good and bad. I even had to start a pinboard of Cooking Successes, just so I could keep track of what worked so I could repeat it!
    My favorite this year was a beer themed party that we threw for a friend of mine; we made her IPA jalapeno hummus and Stout cheese dip. They were so far out of my wheelhouse (I’m a baker) that I was surprised they worked!

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