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The latest cleaning scent-sations from the lil’ Mrs!

I keep a clean house – probably to an obsessive level. Years ago, I discovered a little brand by the name of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. It was instant love.

Imagine my delight to use a line of products that clean better than most standard cleaners and contain mostly plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. Imagine my delight to use a line of products that leave my home smelling clean and welcoming instead of like harsh chemicals. Hooray!

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The latest offering from Mrs. Meyer’s is the new Sunflower collection%name Mrs. Meyers Sunflower Products Review . Now your home can smell like the cheery fragrance of freshly picked sunflowers! I will be honest with you – I’ve NEVER smelled a sunflower before. I have NO clue how they’re supposed to smell.

However, these products smell like sweet citrus with a faint hint of floral and the overall effect is a fresh and sunny fragrance. I’m not sure if this is true to the real scent of sunflowers, but it is delightful.

Mrs Meyers Sunflower 2 Mrs. Meyers Sunflower Products Review

The Mrs. Meyers Sunflower line contains hand soap, dish soap, all purpose cleaner, countertop spray, a laundry detergent and softener. We received everything but the laundry items for review and judging by how much I loved what we did receive, I’m sure the Clean Day laundry items will be joining my arsenal of clean in the near future.

First up for review: the Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap. This clear gel doesn’t lather as much as some hand soaps I’ve used, but it cleanses well and gently, leaving hands clean without drying. The subtle scent of sunflower and feeling of happiness lingers.

The Sunflower Liquid Dish Soap cuts grease and foams up nicely. Let me say that while I own a dishwasher, I do have a few pricey bowls from Anthropologie that I will only hand wash and some cookware that I treat with the same level of care that most people treat newborns. This soap tackles all messes big and small with ease.

Mrs Meyers Sunflower 3 Mrs. Meyers Sunflower Products Review

I didn’t receive the All Purpose Cleaner for review in this scent (Tyna will be by in the comments to let us know her thoughts on that), but I have used it before. I snagged a holiday gift set years ago with a Gingerbread scent – it was heavenly. It was so heavenly I stockpiled several bottles of this gem and have yet to run out.

I found that while I could use this to clean just about everything (it’s all purpose after all!), I really enjoy this product as a floor cleaner. I just dump some in a bucket with some water and get to mopping. It is also magnificent for wiping down kitchen cabinets. This effortlessly cuts through dirt and grime and leaves everything clean and fresh.

I think my favorite/most used Mrs. Meyer’s product that I tested would be the Countertop Spray. I have a husband that loves sandwiches and toast and doesn’t believe in plates, so I clean my counters constantly. I hate the chemical scent of bleach wipes and love the shine this gives my granite counters, so I kind of love this stuff.

I love the way the Mrs. Meyers Sunflower Countertop Spray leaves my kitchen smelling so impossibly fresh. I also love the way this freshens up a bathroom – just wipe down everything with this stuff and your bathroom will smell like sunflowers and gleam with cleanliness. This product is nothing short of magical.

Overall, you really can’t go wrong with Mrs. Meyer’s.

Readers – Have you found love with Mrs. Meyer’s? And am I the only person to not know what a sunflower is supposed to smell like? Chime in!

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  1. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    When I think of Sunflower scent, I automatically think of Sunflowers perfume by Elizabeth Arden! My roommate used to wear that constantly…

    I LOVE Mrs. Meyers; I used their Basil scented dish soap, counter spray and hand soap almost exclusively. I never thought that I’d be brand loyal to cleaning supplies, but after using Mrs. Meyers, I can’t stand fake lemon (or worse, green apple *shudder*) scented soap and cleansers. I’ll definitely have to check out the Sunflower scent; while I love Basil for my kitchen (so fresh!) I like having a different scented cleanser in my bathroom. Is that weird? That might be a bit weird. Regardless, a floral/citrus-y scented bathroom sink would be lovely!

    1. Profile photo of krista

      @lyssachelle – I used to love the fake smell of green apple. Until one fateful day with a few green apple Jolly Ranchers. They ate away the inside of my right cheek–like the skin dissolved. After that, fake green apple freaks me out. Ditto on Jolly Ranchers :(

      I’m with you about different scents for bath vs. kitchen–I prefer crisper scents in my kitchen. It makes it seem cleaner?

  2. Profile photo of hao9703

    I love Mrs. Meyers. I do think sunflower is one of those ambiguous scents like apple blossom. We don’t know exactly what it smells like in our minds but, we hope it is pretty. I really am moving towards a non-chemical lifestyle. I am appalled at some of the harsh chemicals that are in cleaning products. They are not always necessary.

  3. Profile photo of krista

    The sunflower scent is one of those fragrances that would be totally gift-able–it’s not really flowery, but it’s not one of those off-putting harsh scents. It’s just light and cheerful and it kind of puts a smile on my face when I use it. But that could be the euphoric high I get when I clean. I’m a wee bit deranged. :P

  4. Profile photo of Kellie

    I have actually never tried the Mrs.Meyers line but have long lusted after it!! I have always worried that it was a bit to pricey for me. But now that I am suddenly back to a two income household after many years I can afford the good stuff! Mrs. Meyers and Sunflower scent here I come!!!!

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