My thoughts on the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan


I was given a free one month subscription to Weight Watchers to try their new Simple Start plan and write about my experience. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own.

I’ve decided to visually elaborate on my post last week about why I’m doing the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan. Check out my video (and please forgive the boozy-looking still that Facebook chose.)

It’s true; yo-yo dieting, emotional eating and compression panties; I’m tired of you all. And it really feels like Weight Watchers Simple Start is a good first step to saying farewell.

I’ve been on the plan for one week now and I can honestly say I’m really enjoying the meals. I mean, would I be enjoying a cheesesteak and a few beers too? Duh. But the difference is that I wouldn’t feel as good about it!

Simple Start involves picking a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack from the 55 suggested, as a two week pre-point intro to Weight Watchers. The great thing for me is that the meals are what I eat normally anyway, just WAY healthier versions of them. So, the veggie burger I normally have for lunch? I now have it sans mayo or cheese and on a lower calorie bun. But with a gourmet mustard and English cucumber slices, I hardly miss the bad stuff.

Weight Watchers Simple Start 0114A My thoughts on the Weight Watchers Simple Start planevery Italian’s friend – oregano!

My favorite updated meal is their pasta with “meat” sauce. Vegetarian ground meat substitute stands in for the beef. I use whole wheat noodles. I make my own sauce with San Marzano diced tomatoes instead of the usual sugar laden jarred variety.

Weight Watchers Simple Start 0114B My thoughts on the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan

And my genius addition? Instead of the side of asparagus they recommend, I make more noodles with a zucchini and a fancy julienne peeler I picked up at a fair!

Weight Watchers Simple Start 0114C My thoughts on the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan

It’s seriously so good. And by estimate, about one million calories less than the pasta meal I last ate!

But it’s not just the meals that I’m enjoying, I like the whole process too. The app makes this SO easy to do. Being a do-to list maniac, I love marking off my meals as I go. And because it’s always handy, I never forget to track my progress.

I feel healthier. I’m losing weight. And I’m not starving. How great is THAT?

I’ll be back next week to report on week two…

we heartsters, what’s your healthiest menu substitute (a-la zucchini noodles)? And are you at all tempted to make your own Simple Start?

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  1. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    I’m watching this closely because I NEED to get my butt in gear on eating better and making lifestyle changes. I’ve been on Weigh Watchers before but I couldn’t stick with it because I felt like ALL I DID was talk about food. Then again, I was on it with a few people in my office so it was almost a social gathering. Maybe the key is to make it less of a THING and more of just something I do and don’t obsess about?

    This is really exciting for you, I can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

    1. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
      Stef Andrews

      This made me LOL. It’s so true, whenever a bunch of us at work are on “diets” all we do is talk about food! Here’s what I ate for dinner and here’s how I made it, then I had tea with honey, and in the morning I ate this, and I’m making this tonight, oh! you know what’s good? Those little cheeses! You can eat 2 of them and 10 light crackers and it’s only 100 calories….and so on, and so on.

      “Maybe the key is to make it less of a THING and more of just something I do and don’t obsess about?” I think you may be on to something there. It’s hard if you have an obsessive personality (um, everyone here!) and you def. want to be aware of what you’re eating. But I think the key is to learn enough about what you should be eating, then just DO it as if it’s second nature.

      Don’t get me wrong, I still spend a lot of time thinking about it; tracking on my phone, planning in advance, being aware of cravings and why they are happening; but I’m trying to spend my lunches talking about fun stuff like makeup, puppies and TV!

  2. Profile photo of irene

    Weight Watchers is such a good solid diet plan.. I highly recommend it to others in search of one that’s the best.. It really is the one and only plan that is doable and healthy!
    Glad to hear that you’re so on board with living a healthier life!
    Fit is the way to be in 2014!! You are worth it!

  3. Profile photo of mandabear

    It’s very true, once you find a way to enjoy the “good for you” stuff (not all of it tastes amazing, let’s be honest), you won’t miss your former favorites. It takes tailoring and trial and error but it works for sure! That pasta looks amazing. I don’t eat meat so it’s perfect for me!

  4. Profile photo of Marilyn

    I really want to get that zucchini spiralizer thingy! I’ve been trying to eat healthier this year, but convenience and taste sometimes entice me to eat less nutritious stuff (I’m trying to avoid categorizing foods as “good” or “bad” because I’m trying to do all things in moderation!) Tasty fruit smoothies or PB protein shakes have really helped satisfy some of my cravings for treats.
    lipglossandspandex recently posted..Core Power Fit Kit giveaway!

    1. Profile photo of hao9703

      I often wonder WHY is it that there seems to be more way more options that are not as nutritious? When you are on the run sometimes selecting options with a higher nutrient value is down right work!

      Also @stef – I would love to learn how to make those zucchini noodles. How long does it take to cook? Do they stick together like pasta noodles can.

    2. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
      Stef Andrews

      Bad for you is always cheaper too, which is just wrong. I’ve been carrying bars with me for when I’m out and about (That’s. It. bars – which are delicious). It helps to have something healthy with you so you have no excuse to stray.

      The noodles are just a finely shredded zucchini! I pan sauteed them for about 2 minutes and they were done. It’s all in the peeler.

  5. Profile photo of hao9703

    It is not really a tip but, I make my own tomato sauce every single year. Once you get used to the fresh taste of sauce that is canned straight from the garden you NEVER can fathom store bought! I make various combinations with onions, garlic and peppers. Some of the sauces are smooth already and others more rustic.

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