Life Beyond Lipgloss – 03/07/14

Oscar Best Actress Dress Life Beyond Lipgloss   03/07/14

We’ve made it to another Friday weheartsters! This week we swooned over the spring shades of MAC’s A Fantasy of Flowers collection, got sassy with the help of Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color and perfected our face with some hocus-pocus from CoverGirl’s TruMagic line. But life is about more than beauty products, here are a few links that we were clicking this week:

Didn’t get enough Oscar fashion yet? Our image this week is just a snippet of the infographic created by Stylist showcasing every gown worn by every Best Actress winner ever. Well worth a gander! – Best Oscar Gown Infographic

I’m still swooning over Lupita Nyong’o and her pale blue gown! Not to mention her heartwarming win and acceptance speech. Get a fascinating look at the woman (and see some stunning photos) in this New York Magazine profile – From Unknown to ‘It’ Girl in Less Than a Year

I truly believe that the soundtrack can help make or break a movie. Here’s a fascinating look at the (perfect) music selection behind one of my favorite film makers – Talking to Wes Anderson’s Music Supervisor About Their 12 Most Memorable Scenes

Finally, do you ever feel like your dog is smarter than you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Enjoy! – 8 Dogs Who Just Outsmarted Their Owners

Readers – What links were YOU clicking on this week?

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    I LOVE that Oscar infographic, I spent an hour drooling over the dresses and googling the original pictures of the stars in them…

    I found an article this week on “6 Things Every Extrovert Secretly Has To Deal With,” and I found it really accurate. I know introverts need love and understanding because it can be rough in a extroverted society, but it helps explain why every now and then I get so frustrated when people ask me “Are you okay?” when I’m just having a more quiet moment.

    Also personality related, I took a quick version of the Meyer-Briggs personality test and found out that I’m still, after ten years, an ENFP. I need to make my husband take it, it probably would explain a lot about how we interact with each other!

    1. Profile photo of krista

      @lyssachelle -Thanks for posting the personality test! I loved those when I was in college (I have a psych degree so they used us as guinea pigs). I’m an ISTJ. I am totally going to force the hubby to take that test now, too. I’m hella curious now.

  2. Profile photo of krista

    I feel like the last week was a hallucination–the hubby’s work schedule has been all over the place lately and I don’t know if I’m coming or going or what day of the week it is or how much time has passed. I think I did something a few days ago, but it was weeks ago. Ugh.
    That being said, I’ve been loving plugging in the names of my friends and family into this:

    Yes, the Oscars were forever ago, but it Travolta-izes your name and butchers it like he did Idina Menzel’s at the Oscars. I’m Keira Petersorn. My hubby is Marcel Petersorn. I kinda like our Travolta-ized names. We sound hella European.

    Also, while not a link and more like a wormhole of tempting escapes, has been filling up my search History lately. I don’t know where I want to go and the hubby can’t get any time off for a great long while, but I have been enjoying planning a pretend vacation. Or vacations. I may have some slight cabin fever :/

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