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How A Totaled Truck Helped Me To “Gro Perspective”

The days are getting longer and spring is officially on its way (I promise East Coasters!) This season, we are thrilled to be teaming up Miracle-Gro and their Gro Something Greater campaign. As the days slowly start to gro(w) warmer, your mind might be turning to spring flowers and a bountiful veggie garden. But the hard work you put into your land can reap so much more than produce and pretty flowers.

As the Gro Something Greater campaign exemplifies, the love and energy you expend can also help you “Gro Joy”, “Gro Family”, “Gro Curiousity” and in my case, “Gro Perspective”. When the fine folks at Scott’s Miracle-Gro asked us to take part in the Gro Something Greater, I knew exactly which story I wanted to share with the readers of we heart this – and the nation as well!

Growing up, my Grandmother was found of saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” I never quite understood how this could be possible until my husband’s beloved vintage pick-up truck was sideswiped while parked on the street. The verdict? A totaled truck, rendered useless except for parts.

The two of us grieved over the passing of his favorite toy, when suddenly, inspiration struck. Being believers in recycling, why not recycle the truck bed? I had always wanted a raised plant bed, and the rustic truck part would make the perfect foundation for a desert garden.

Once we decided to turn our dose of lemons into lemonade, we quickly got to work. Over the course of a weekend we placed the truck bed in the perfect spot of land, then filled it with soil, flowers, herbs and cactus. We added quirky elements for visual interest, topped it with Miracle Gro and now from the twisted metal grows beauty.

Whenever I admire our handiwork, I swear I can actually hear my Grandmother whispering her favorite phrase into my ear. The pick-up truck planter is a gorgeous addition to our land, gave my husband and I a weekend of togetherness and let us grow something greater from an unlucky accident. Life doesn’t always go as planned, but with a little ingenuity and hard work, you can take those curveballs and surprise yourself by hitting a homerun.

Since that first foray into gardening, my husband and I have continued to work our land and grow desert friendly plants and flowers while growing our marriage as well (all that gardening takes cooperation, after all.) This spring, Miracle-Gro wants YOU to join in the movement and “Gro Something Greater”.

Ready to take the Gro Challenge? Visit Gro Something Greater to read more inspiring stories and than submit your own story and picture (or video). Who knows, you could be featured on their Gro Something Greater homepage!

Stay tuned, we’ll be back tomorrow with a Miracle-Gro sponsored Gardening Kit Giveaway. Until then dear readers – what would you like to “gro” this season?

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  1. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    We just bought a house in September, so I’ve been dreaming all winter about putting in a raised garden and flowers along windows and maybe some hot peppers near our brick… However, after I killed the lovely plants that the previous owner left behind, I think that I need to start small. I’m going to do some container planting, mostly herbs, so see how I do. Gotta learn to walk before you can run!

    1. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
      Tyna Werner

      I’m a terrible gardener and plant killer too. Which is odd because my Mom could grow anything when I was a kid – it just never rubbed off on me. I’ll keep trying though – and I too want some fresh herbs in a pretty box by my window! I saw on the Gro Something Greater site there are some great tips for growing herbs:

      I may take a stab at it!

    2. Profile photo of lyssachelle

      Ooo, thank you for the tip! I need all the help I can get!

      I think I’m also going to try a trick I saw on Pinterest and grow plants directly from a bag of potting soil. You just grab a bag of Miracle-Gro, lay flat and cut off most of the top of the bag and then plant directly in the bag! The ones I’ve seen that interest me most are raised on a pallet and sawhorses, that way you can put them anyway in the yard, even on your patio! It’s also good if you have poor soil, that way you can still grow while rehabbing your dirt. It’s supposed to be great for things like lettuce, potatoes and tomatoes.
      Also, it’s easy and I’m lazy. :-)

  2. Profile photo of irene

    Love it! That is the coolest truck bed around! Your story of how you turned a big bummer in into a big beautiful garden is inspiring! Planting a garden is therapeutic too.. We just started prepping our yard this weekend for the upcoming garden. Soil is the most important part for a good foundation for flowering and fruit bearing plants! Can’t wait to see what pops up first!

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  4. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I’ve got to say @Stef this is still one of my favorite DIYs on we heart this ever! It’s such a unique project, and so do-able too. All you need is a totaled truck – hee! Can’t wait to visit you this spring and see what’s growing out of the trusty blue truck bed this year!

  5. Profile photo of turboterp

    Your truck bed cactus garden is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, @stef ! Talk about making lemonade… I’m sure your grandmother would be proud!
    Spring is just eeking its way to the east coast, but I’m already thinking of growing sunflowers and tomatoes. Whatever I grow, Miracle-Gro is always in the mix.

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