Life Beyond Lipgloss – 03/28/14

LBL Mick Jagger Life Beyond Lipgloss   03/28/14

Yahoo – it’s Friday! This week at we heart this we examined the reboot of tarte’s iconic Cheek Stains, shared our boatload of goodies from our The Makeup Show Haul and cleaned up with the orange-scented bath and body products from A Girl’s Gotta Spa. But life is about more than beauty products, here are a few links that we were clicking this week:

Ever wonder what it would look like to have a young Mick Jagger whispering in your ear? Our image this week from Vanity Fair gives you a clue. Get an inside look at life backstage during the rocking 70’s from music journalist Lisa Robinson – Backstage Confidential

Moving forward in time a bit, Vulture has a great interview with the king of the music scene in New York City during the 90’s – Rick Rubin on Meeting Russell Simmons, Licensed to Ill, and ‘99 Problems’

Stef keeps bugging me to start DVRing Broad City. This Slate article (and her nagging) has me convinced to add it to my schedule – 2 Toke Girls

Books! YA books! The folks at TeenVogue have compiled a list of must reads coming to shelves (and your Kindle) soon – The 15 Most Exciting YA Books Coming Out This Year

Finally, I’m feeling in need of some sweets. Luckily, our friend Tina at epicuricloud has created another mouth-watering recipe I simply must try (and you should too!) – Mattison Avenue Toffee Bar Cookies Recipe

Readers – Tell us, what links were YOU clicking on this week?

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  1. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    FINALLY you listen! And now, I’ll nag the rest of you too. Broad City is the funniest show on TV right now. Here’s evidence; a dream sequence of the girls going to the bank to cash Abbi’s first big check for her art. (spoiler, it involves a Missy Elliot trash bag suit)

  2. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    I’m definitely adding Broad City to my DVR; this is the third place today I’ve seen its praises being sung! And those cookies…YUM. I need them in my belly.

    This link to “79 Thoughts you ” ( is SOO true.

    I also found out that they are doing a live action Jem and the Holograms (initally, YAY!!! And then…Hrrmmm…. AND I found out that you can make wine with juice and some brewer’s yearst?( This kit is only sold in teh UK, but I have friends that are sending me a recipe to try. I don’t know about all this, but they say it’s okay…

  3. Profile photo of irene

    OK, this is too fricken funny to me. I just sat down and watched this video.. mind you, I just came from the bank (I only go into a branch bank 3 times a year… so, it made me relate! Although, my check was not even close to hers!

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