COVERGIRL Bombshell Shineshadow – Swatches and Review

Covergirl Bombshell shineshadow 1 COVERGIRL Bombshell Shineshadow   Swatches and Review

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Be a Bombshell on your own terms…

Everyone at one time or another thinks about what it might be like to be a bombshell – even if it is just for one day. This month I got to try the COVERGIRL Bombshell Shineshadow by Lash Blast. This is a versatile shadow that is packed with lots of reflective pigments of buildable color. So you can easily control how much of a bombshell you want to be.

Covergirl Bombshell shineshadow 2 COVERGIRL Bombshell Shineshadow   Swatches and Review

I own way more eye shadow that I should. My significant other would tell you I am “way over the legal limit” and he does not even the location of my secret stash. But this eyeshadow earned its spot in my collection. The packaging is unique because it comes in a tube. This was my first eye shadow in a tube but never fear, this is not your mother’s creme eye shadow.

Covergirl Bombshell shineshadow 3 COVERGIRL Bombshell Shineshadow   Swatches and Review

The COVERGIRL Bombshell Shineshadow has a unique texture that is very creamy, yet does not feel wet. In fact it dries fairly quickly with a powder finish. This unique texture means you do not have to wait if you want to add another layer and build more color. This is an important characteristic because I do not always have time to wait for the layers to dry.

Covergirl Bombshell shineshadow 4 COVERGIRL Bombshell Shineshadow   Swatches and Review

Another bonus is that it is versatile – you can wear the COVERGIRL Bombshell Shineshadows alone or as a base with other eye shadows on top. It also pulls double duty as a highlighter. The lighter shades looked really pretty dabbed over the top of my cheekbones and blended well – adding a nice bit of shine and contouring to my cheeks.

Covergirl Bombshell shineshadow 5 COVERGIRL Bombshell Shineshadow   Swatches and Review

The COVERGIRL Bombshell Shineshadow comes in six gorgeous metallic shades (retailing for $8.99 each) and we heart this tested four of these new hues.

Covergirl Bombshell shineshadow swatches 5 COVERGIRL Bombshell Shineshadow   Swatches and Review

Oh La Lilac – smokey lilac
Copper Fling – light peachy copper
Color Me Money – dirty green
Ice Queen – silvery white

Covergirl Bombshell shineshadow swatches 6 COVERGIRL Bombshell Shineshadow   Swatches and Review

How does it feel to wear Bombshell? Really good, actually! It doesn’t feel heavy like some cream shadows. It is not stiff, tacky or sticky. It feels like a traditional powder shadow that is easy to apply. You do not need any special tools either. It is easy to use with your fingers or a brush, and blends very easily.

Tip: If you have oily lids I would consider wearing a primer.

Long Lasting
Does not crease

Limited Colors

Readers – What do you wear to feel like a BOMBSHELL? What is your favorite COVERGIRL product?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

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  1. Profile photo of amity

    I was on the fence about these, but now I’m gonna pick one or two up–I love the idea of using them as a highlight, too, so I’m leaning towards the Ice Queen shade. I like the CG Bombshell Volume Mascara–it’s a great drugstore option for lush lashes.

    1. Kim

      I agree. As I blended it, it became too sheer. If I layered it on, it creased. I like the Color Tattoos or Mally Eyesticks better.

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