tarte Maracuja Oil and C-Brighter Eye Treatment – review

tarte Marcuja oil 1 tarte Maracuja Oil and C Brighter Eye Treatment   review

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The latest skincare infused with Amazonian goodness

It wasn’t bad enough that my skin was winter parched – I just had to overdo it with prescription Retin-A. I should have known better, but I thought all that burning meant the stuff was really working. Then I woke up with a beet red face. Next the peeling and flaking began. Believe me, it wasn’t pretty. It was the perfect time for a we heart this review package containing some tarte Maracuja Oil magic.

tarte Marcuja oil 3 tarte Maracuja Oil and C Brighter Eye Treatment   review

This fruit oil from the Amazon delivers “harmony and moisture for firmer, brighter, smoother-looking skin.” What could be better for a skin situation like mine than the healing power of tarte’s maracuja-rich creations? How about special edition packaging, so gorgeous that I swoon a little each time I reach for the products.

tarte Marcuja oil 2 tarte Maracuja Oil and C Brighter Eye Treatment   review

So what is this maracuja oil? Here’s the story: also known as “pure milagro” or “the pure miracle,” the oil is hand pressed from the pulp of the maracuja fruit (or passion fruit). Full of essential fatty acids and vitamins that “replenish, rebuild and brighten” the skin, maracuja oil hydrates without causing irritation or breakouts. The promised result of faithful use: firmer, younger-looking skin.

tarte Marcuja oil 4 tarte Maracuja Oil and C Brighter Eye Treatment   review

The most stunning item I received is the 3.4 oz. Jumbo bottle of Pure Maracuja Oil ($75). Housed in a reusable box and topped with an exotically-painted wooden lid (which anchors the dropper inside), the bottle is a work of art worthy of the elixir within.

tarte Marcuja oil 5 tarte Maracuja Oil and C Brighter Eye Treatment   review

Rich in Vitamin C, the pure oil is so effective that my skin immediately responded. When I started using it, I was still peeling from my Retin-A mishap. The very next morning, the irritation was reduced by half. Within three days, my skin was completely calm and flake-free.

tarte Marcuja oil 6 tarte Maracuja Oil and C Brighter Eye Treatment   review

I also tested the companion Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment cream ($38), enriched with tarte’s famed C-brighter technology, packaged in a jar with the same design as the oil. In addition to maracuja oil, the cream contains vitamin C and advanced botanicals like rice bran, mango and coconut to hydrate, firm and brighten the eye area.

tarte Marcuja oil 7 tarte Maracuja Oil and C Brighter Eye Treatment   review

Tarte calls the effect “skintuitive™” for a good reason. Just a tiny dab of cream makes my eyes look bright and refreshed. I’m always wary of products that claim to “instantly smooth and visibly tighten skin,” but tarte’s eye cream comes through like a champ!

A few other items of note: this eye cream is fragrance-free and super-concentrated so a jar will last you a long time. Additionally, the cream does not over-moisturize so your makeup doesn’t run or fade.

Maracuja oil provides hydration with no oily or filmy residue; soaks in faster than any facial oil I’ve ever used
Just three drops are enough per application. After using it every day for two weeks, the bottle still looks full
Lid with dropper is the perfect mechanism to dispense the exact amount you need
The packaging is a work of art

Jumbo-sized Maracuja Oil is a bit pricey (but worth it, imo)
Limited edition

Overall, I was mighty impressed with these tarte Maracuja Oil goodies. So don’t miss out on these limited edition products that will look beautiful on your counter while they make you more beautiful, too!

Readers – Have you tried tarte’s Maracuja Oil or Maracuja-infused products? What did you think?

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  1. Gigi

    @Turboterp, nice review. I am a sucker for Tarte’s packaging. I haven’t tried the oil yet (getting closer to it all the time), but I have had so many positive experiences that I do want to at least invest in the eye cream for starters. There are tiny furrows beginning to appear around my eyes (if you look in a magnifying mirror), and I don’t want the skin there to drag. Tarte makes good on their claims!

  2. Profile photo of Marilyn

    I have some of this somewhere in my makeup stash… I need to pull it out and use it because my skin has totally gotten super dry/flaky and super oily at the same time! This new packaging is super adorable though.

  3. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    That oil bottle is huge! I love the packaging, but that’s some serious bang for your buck.

    I haven’t tried either of these, but I think I might at my next trip to Sephora. I spent SO long avoiding oil for my oily skin, it’s hard to break that mindset, but I trust tarte. And @turbterp! :-)

  4. Profile photo of hao9703

    I a big Tarte fan. I need to invest in some new serious skin care. You are singing my song. My face has been breaking out from stress of a new job. I have been using retin A. I know I have some samples from a Christmas gift somewhere. I need to give this stuff a test drive.

  5. Natalie Brown

    Oh noooooo about the Retin A. I’m glad you had this product to help calm your skin down. I don’t know what you’re using the Retin A for but I used it for a year and a half and loved the results. It takes awhile but it is so worth it. I literally have completely different skin than I started out with. Just be super, super careful in the sun. The new skin is extremely sensitive & any type of sun exposure will be damaging. Good-luck on your journey with this treatment!

    1. Profile photo of turboterp

      Thanks for the great advice. I’m using Retin A for sun damage (including pre-cancerous spots– eek! ) and it’s really effective but harsh. This Tarte oil is the perfect skin calmer.

  6. Profile photo of amity

    Ooooh, so excited to see your great review! I LOVE this oil–and am super envious of your jumbo-size bottle. It truly is so soothing, and I’m not surprised at all that it calmed your face right down. I’m a little peeved at you, though, ’cause now I pretty much need to go buy the eye cream, stat! (JK, I still heart you!).

  7. Profile photo of glamazon56

    I have the oil and am also envious of the jumbo size! Although I have had th eoil for a while, I am still not completely sure what to do with it, so I just rub my hands together and press it in. Being a breakout girl, I am always slighty terrified of smearing oil on my face! I guess I need to have this eye cream now, huh!?
    Great review @Turboterp!

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