Life Beyond Lipgloss – 05/30/14

Bert Bye Life Beyond Lipgloss   05/30/14

The weekend is almost here! This week at we heart this we gossiped over my three latest beauty crushes, took a look at the rosacea fighting Mirvaso, and fell in love with the new additions to the BPAL Excolo collection.

But life is about more than beauty products, it’s also about television! Here are a few links that we were clicking this week:

We all felt a little bittersweet watching the Mad Men midseason finale. While we were happy to see the show end the shortened season on such a high note, we were sad to mark the passing of SC&P’s Bert Cooper. Get ready to fall in love with Robert Morse with this super sweet Vulture interview with the legendary actor – Mad Men’s Robert Morse on Dancing for Jon Hamm

If that interview made you a little misty, this collection of 90’s era 90210 scenes from StyleCastor will cheer you up. – The 10 Most Ridiculous Dance Scenes From ‘Beverly Hills, 90210

And here is a fascinating look from The Hollywood Reporter behind the scenes of another 90’s fave. – ‘West Wing’ Uncensored: Aaron Sorkin, Rob Lowe, More Look Back

Finally, The Wire has a look at what we’ll be seeing on the screen (at least for an episode or two) next season. – All 24 New TV Series for Fall 2014, in Order of How Fast They’ll Be Cancelled

Readers – Tell us, what links were YOU clicking and watching on this week?

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    Stef Andrews

    And I’m sorry to be a spoiler, but just in case anyone doesn’t go read that Robert Morse article at Vulture, I NEED you to see this bit. When he was asked about filming that final scene with Jon Hamm, he said this:

    “When we filmed it I had to sing to him, obviously. He stood there for seven hours while we did the song over and over again. He was so helpful. He’d put his finger up and go, “Great. That was a great take. You’re doing so well.” He was so enthusiastic. Lovely, lovely man. I cannot tell you how it helped that Jon Hamm was there when I sang the song. Many people in shows that are stars might not have shown up for that. They would have sent an extra. He was there for me. He was there for the show. He was there for himself.”

    This is just further proof why Jon Hamm is the most beautiful man in the world.

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