3 Things: Happy Easter

vintage easter card 3 Things: Happy Easter

When I was a kid, I always loved Easter. I mean, you woke up, came downstairs and there was a basket FILLED WITH TOYS AND CANDY waiting for you. That supposedly a rabbit brought you! I mean, Santa is a reach, but a rabbit bringing children baskets of chocolate and jelly beans is really just insane. And you got to have CANDY FOR BREAKFAST! I mean, Cadbury eggs are still eggs, amirite?

Dinner was always ham, au gratin potatoes and English Peach Pie for dessert. As far as eating holidays go, Easter is pretty fricking amazing.

Now that I’m an adult, the hubby and I still do Easter baskets for each other because, why not? This year our oldest nephew is staying with us while he searches for an apartment and I’m totally going to get him an Easter basket because I want to see his face when he gets a basket filled with jelly beans and a dvd copy of “Night of the Lepus”. Which brings us to this week’s 3 Things…

1. Did you ever believe in the Easter Bunny? Maybe until I was 5. Then I had the thought that the wild rabbits in my yard ran on all fours, so there was no way any Easter bunny was going to be able to carry baskets of candy to so many children. He didn’t have elves or a sleigh or a workshop like Santa, so there was no freaking way. I gave it A LOT of thought.

2. What’s your favorite Easter candy? Sarris Candies Meltaway Eggs. Sarris is a candy brand that is sold in the Pittsburgh, PA area (where I’m from). Their meltaway eggs are basically massive truffles. You need a sharp knife to cut a tiny serving size off of them. One of those eggs would last me 2 weeks–long after everything else was gone, I’d still be working on my meltaway egg. The chocolate is smooth and the filling is ridiculous. They are amazing…and now I want one.

3. What’s your traditional Easter dinner? As mentioned earlier, we always do ham, au gratin potatoes, some kind of veggie and English peach pie (which is really a peach cobbler). I’ve had the same Easter dinner for my entire life. When I got married, I started buying potato rolls for the hubby so he could make mini sandwiches out of the leftovers (because I wasn’t going to make homemade rolls like his mom did), but that’s the only change ever made to the menu.

Happy Easter, weheartsters! Cut and paste the following into the comments and tell us these 3 Things:
1. Did you ever believe in the Easter Bunny?
2. What’s your favorite Easter candy?
3. What’s your traditional Easter dinner?

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  1. spitfire77

    1. Did you ever believe in the Easter Bunny?
    Yep, probably until I was in upper elementary. I remember writing a letter to him and my mom using her eye shadow to make a bunny foot signature on a note back to me… it didn’t take long for me to figure that one out!

    2. What’s your favorite Easter candy?

    Cadbury Eggs!! Only have them once a year, but yummmmmm, love them! And it’s funny because when I was little I used to think they were gross…I didn’t learn to appreciate them until I was much older. : )

    3. What’s your traditional Easter dinner?

    Usually ham and potato casserole and deviled eggs, but this year we did brunch and had mimosas, a homemade blueberry buttermilk breakfast bake and cinnamon buns, and an egg and bacon breakfast casserole… it was pretty spectacular!

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