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Me in a nutshell

I own a small graphic and interactive design studio. Just me, Dina my Sales girl and Vincent my Cat. I love to cook, entertain and be amongst friends. I’ve become quite the workout freak lately with Racquetball, Spin, Kickboxing and even a sprinkle of Yoga. Currently single but always on the prowl.

I Heart

Makeup, Apple Computer, Mac Cosmetics, FOOD, Music, Movies, Racquetball, Cooking, Cats, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Romance, Honesty, Old objects, poetry, mani pedi’s, Did i mention FOOD?

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I NEVER go without these

Lip Gloss, Mascara, Gigantic Purse for all my makeup and junk, condoms…. they’re always fashionable!

Biggest splurge or steal in my closet

Shoes, shoes, shoes. Splurges and Steals from Payless on up.

do-gooder: Why I am one

I try to treat everyone equal no matter what their status or position in life.

read, watch, listen:Favorite books

Lately anything Cormac McCarthy wrote. Blood Meridian, Child of god, All The Pretty Horses, The Road, No Country for Old Men.
Dr. Seus – too many to list
C.S. Lewis
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Favorite bands

WOW… Here are a few. Beatles, Tom Waits, Dylan, Avett Bros (new fav), Stones, Talking Heads, The Who, Warren Zevon, Johnny Cash, Grateful Dead, Beck…. much, much mor

Favorite TV shows

Lost, 30 rock, the office, What not to wear, Diners, Drive ins and dives, Devine Design, Documentaries about anything, Seinfeld, Curb your Enthusiasm, OZ, 6′ under, ROME, Tudors, Flintstones, Pee Wee Playhouse, Arrested Development, Kids in the hall, Flight of the Concords, Faulty Towers, Monty Python, Beverly Hills 90210 (The original), The L word, Land of the Lost (70’s TV show), Fantasy Island, The old Howard Stern Show, Little House on the Prairie, Beverly Hillbillies,

Favorite movies

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (I can watch it over and over)
Terms of Endearment (No other movie makes me cry this much)
The Piano
The Shining
Breakfast Club
Pulp Fiction
Grapes of Wrath
Wizard Of Oz
The Bonfire of the Vanities

home & living:My favorite room in my house

Kitchen, where i feel most at home.

I love to feed good people good food.

When I grew up and still to this day my Mom’s kitchen is the epicenter of the universe.

potluck:Five people (dead or alive) I’d invite to a party

More to come

beauty & fashion: I can skip these

Hmmmm, are u kidding. I luv it all.

eat, drink, be merry: Tell us your go to meal

Thai , Mexican Food, Italian.
Thai: Shrimp w/ Lime & Ginger sauce
Mexican: Chori Pollo
Italian: Just some Damn good spaghetti with homemade sauce and meatballs.

If I were an 80’s movie/tv/music star, I’d be

Patti Smith

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