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My Birthday




My Hometown

Haverhill, MA

Me in a nutshell

I’m a vegetarian, animal lover with 3 cats, 2 ferrets, tarantula and turtle.
Masters in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Sexual Orientations. Sexuality Consultant and Educator.

I Heart

Lady Gaga, lipstick, nail polish, shoes, coffee, brightly colored mixed drinks, activism, feminism

My Social Media

Follow Me on Twitter:!/KittenLeDoo

Tell Us More

I NEVER go without these

I love lipstick and lipgloss. Most of my colors are dark or dramatically bright. I’m just getting into neutrals. I love pigmented eyeshadows and bright eyeliners.

Biggest splurge or steal in my closet

Biggest splurge would be my tall oxblood Doc Martens that I got years ago. Biggest steal would be my favorite purple purse that looks much more expensive than it is.

do-gooder: Why I am one

I’m an activist for gender equality, equal rights, and marriage equality for all. I can be a forceful recycler!

read, watch, listen:Favorite books

Memoirs of a Geisha, Tao of Pooh, A Brave New World, Animal Farm, Venus in Furs, the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris

Favorite bands

Lady Gaga, Gogol Bordello, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Peaches, Johnny Cash, KMFDM, many more.

Favorite TV shows

True Blood, House M.D., The Office, Arrested Development

Favorite movies

Memoirs of a Geisha, Marie Antoinette, 28 Days Later/Weeks Later, Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, Repo the Genetic Opera, Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

home & living:My favorite room in my house

The bedroom where I lay around and read magazines surrounded by sleeping cats.

potluck:Five people (dead or alive) I’d invite to a party

Lady Gaga, Eugene Hutz, Dita Von Teese, Masuimi Max, Tristan Taormino

beauty & fashion: I can skip these

I’ve never been one for bronzer. I’m a pale girl who doesn’t like to tan, I will use a nice highlighter for sheen and sparkle, but bronzer makes me look orange. I don’t like acrylic nails either, I just can’t type as fast with long nails!

eat, drink, be merry: Tell us your go to meal

My favorite meal requires pan fried oyster mushrooms with baby leeks and side salad of greens fresh from the Farmer’s Market.

When dining out it’s sweet potato sushi roll, edamame, and miso soup with tons of seaweed.

If I were an 80’s movie/tv/music star, I’d be

I would probably be Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy’s character in The Breakfast Club) all grown up. Still a bit awkward, but coming out of my shell little by little.